Are people dumb enough to buy the console version?

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I bought D2 twice and that wasn't a very good game either. Not like these things cost a lot of money.

But no I generally dislike playing games on a console so I only buy one when it is console only.
thats the problem, the console version is not getting like a ton of new interesting content. Its the same boring end game.
After buying the initial game, i pay absolutely ZERO more dollars for it.. Unless its an expansion, i refuse to buy digital, in game items... this has alwaysbaffled me.. Maybe its because i have a mortgage, and 4 kids, but i cant see paying cash, for a sword, or hat, that is gone when im done with the game... *shrug

Either way, to each his own i say.. If it doesnt affect me directly, i could care less...(though a player with BiS gear, who bought it all, and sucks entirely can ruin a co-op play... Thats about it)

Do you go to the movies? If yes, you are spending $8+ for two hours of entertainment and then you leave. Similar applies to digital items. If you get enjoyment out of it, then it's worth it to you.
Rebates for pre-orders are already happening, I pre-ordered the game, I like being able to play with my wife and, soon with my kid on a family game night, its a lot less expensive, than building 2 more computers and buying 2 more copies of d3 for pc.
Pc will still be played, other options are for people to have and any incentive in my book from blizz and sony is welcome in my book.
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OP - Your a moron, worry about yourself....

You should use proper grammar when insulting another's intelligence.
It helps you appear to be less of an ignoramus.
I was reading this -

and it says there is no AH? Is this correct? Could it be that there would be problems with a RMAH and collecting taxes from minors?

So is it a completely different game, the game that it should have been without the RMAH?

Perhaps we wait long enough and the PC version will be the same as the console version--added features and no RMAH?
it was a mistake that Blizzard spent time and resources on releasing the console versions

it was a greater mistake that Blizzard delayed the expansion pack and ignored the established PC user base

D3 is no doubt at it's all time low

Heck yeah, I'm buying it. My kid and his friends can play in the living room downstairs and I can work in peace upstairs, unlike now. Golden.
and it says there is no AH? Is this correct? Could it be that there would be problems with a RMAH and collecting taxes from minors?

No. Minors are not supposed to be playing this game so that has nothing to do with it.

The game is offline so they can't realistically support an RMAH due to the likelihood of hacking.
Regardless of whether it's huge or not, to be honest the only reason I'm getting it is to help boost my achievement points on my xbox. Easy 1,000 GS if it's the same as the PS3 list.
Nope! however, I would have bought the console version over the pc version if i had the knowledge of the game that I do now. It would be kinda fun to have some friends over drink some and play on the same screen buut I already bought my CE for PC :/
there is no reason to buy the console version if u have it on pc, not one reason. the console version is for reaching to a new crowd. drop rates for offline play are the same as on pc version, it's geared towards online play even on console version. its not a waste for those who don't have the game and don't have a pc or have a pc good enough to run the game on pc. only thing console version has over pc version is the special helm for pre-ordering and no lag in hardcore mode.
Lets just put it this way, Blizzard is about making money. Console version gets those who dont play pc games to spend money and blizzards pockets get fatter.

We can complain all we want about D3 and blame blizzard but the reality of it is that they did not give us the unbelievable games D1 and D2. They were created by an independent team that blizzard bought out and renamed blizzard north, thats why there is two intros in those games.

So we wonder why D3 is not the same?? Its because they guys who brought us two of the best arpgs ever did not develop this one.
Hating on console versions is so retarted!!!! I have played since I had diablo 1 on ps1...(I still have it). I have 3 for the pc but i hate pc games because i hate point and click. But that is a personal prefreance and diablo is the only pc game i have ever played. i am supper excited to get it on my xbox then sell/giv away my pc game/ account. If there was controller support on pc and i cld afford a pc that would run it properly then id stick with pc. Yet as a full time student i can afford a new console ever 6 or so years, (hopefull by the time xbox2 is out ill b done) but i cant afford pc upgrades every few months as well as an initial $1000 pc to get the same quality i get form my xbox and big screen tv. So bashing either console or pc games is just proof of the imaturity of that individual.
I guess I'm dumb because I medically can't play D3 with a keyboard and mouse for more than a few minutes. I've tried many times to play D3 PC with a controller, it just doesn't work very well. Blizzard bringing the game to consoles means I can finally fully enjoy the game without physically hurting myself. Yup, I'm dumb.
Well since I can't play my PC anymore I might as well get it for consoles and seeing how I can play it offline and don't have to deal with the fact that my PC couldn't handle it before.

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