What Diablo III Class Have You Played the Most?

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demon hunter
Barb. Mostly because its the best character for farming. Faster killing and less dying. Have more fun playing demon hunter, though.
wizard. because when the game came out it looked like the closest gameplay style to a bone necro from d2 (magic missle + arcane orb ect.)

and I thought teleport was gonna be better.

I stayed because I like how cocky he is.
Wizard all the way Love the awesome abilities and speedy cleverness of the class if played properly.
Barbarian. There were three or four different skill builds I found enjoyable that involved completely different play styles e.g. weapon throw vs run like the wind/whirlwind, whereas with most other classes I found only one worth sticking to (or slight variations of it).

Also barb was the only class I felt safe enough using in HC with really unstable net/pretty bad computer.
Most played my WD but i like playing all the classes. Im really getting into playing my wizard atm, loving the CM build......
Game balancing class.

Which Dr?
seems to make an awsome Dh with an army fetishes.

Try using a bow.
2-H Barbarian.

Get in

Swing your hammer

Get out.
Demon Hunter, because i always like "Ranged" class best ;)
Monk Monk Monk :) SC and HC

Played all 5, started w DH in SC, then Wiz, then WD, then Barb then Monk :)
Wizard. Have over 750 hours played on mine, and just really love the class' dynamics. Love both CM and Archon. The class is a tad squishy compared to what I'm used to, but I think that is more due to the wizards lack of having large number of means to get LS compared to some of the other classes (blood magic doesn't count - it needs a buff!) than to the class design itself. Its kind of a sweet feeling being a good cm wiz and constantly getting invites and requests to help people farm or do ubers. Love barb as well, it's also a very well designed class, but cm wiz is the most coveted in the game, and will always be main :)
Barbarian by a landslide. 80% of my time played has been my barb. The only other one to come close is my Demon Hunter.
My top character is a Demon Hunter. I love vaulting across a mob of monsters with Trail of Cinders before hitting them with multiple blasts from my bola stun shot.

I never really liked ranged classes, I want to be in the action not sit back and shoot monsters before they get next to me. That being said I like the Witch Doctor an the Wizard as well just not on the level of the barbarian.
Barb. My only class since day 1.
i absolutely play my wizard more. i would say i play her 3-4 times more then all other classes put together.

i found my setup for the wizard to be simple and fluid when fighting the demon hordes.. my barb and monk are now there and are comfortable to play.
i find the DH just too squishy ( and i switched to a pair of hand crossbows to get more life steal and still too easy to die.
i have not found a build for my witch doctor that feels fluid when playing and so have not played much at all with that class
Witch Doctor was the one I jumped on, being a player who loves summons. That being said, I gave each character a fair play through at least one difficulty level. On the Demon Hunter now. All the characters have their own style and I love it.
100% Melee ... MONK!

I just started a second monk for para levelling.
But maybe this is the right moment to try a different class.
-EU server-

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