[Build Guide/Synergy] Chimera

Preface - The Creation of Chimera
In this guide you will be shown a hybrid build, It is formed from the ancient mythological creature, the Chimera, that which has the head of a Lion, a body of a Goat, and a tail of a Dragon.

- This build is for your training and entertainment, also to back up Fitz's Nirvana thread.
Just watch the video. I don't explain Math here, figure it out.
This guide is all Lore. The real details are in here : http://youtu.be/RzCaZwsY7cw

Introduction - The Dance of Fire and Ice
This build is the duality between two extreme sides of the Force,
the Nirvana spec of prosperity in regeneration, (Effective)
and the Tempest Rush spec of thirst and conservation of spirit. (Efficient)
This guide is written in simple words, but contains a code and hidden message.
I soulforged this build from Biblical texts and Buddhist verses.
The video will guide you through the process. Behold the Chimera Triangle.

Symbolism - The Cycle of Life
- You must go through the time of the cooldown of Infused With Light (the cycle of Karma) before you reach infinite spirit, during which you must persevere through the lack of spirit and feel the pain of Tempest Rush (Suffering) from one battleground to the next.
- Each horde of monster you strike, grants you spirit power to drop Wave on Light on them (Judgement)

Synthesis - Mother Earth, Father Thunder
Fists of Fury (Purity) + Infused With Light (Divine) [The Darkside]
Tempest Rush (Release) + Wave of Light (Judgement) [The Light]

Trinity - Triangle of the Beasts
Two Handed (The Lion)
Sword and Board (The Goat)
Dual Wield (The Serpent)

Scripture - Genesis 6:2
"And when the sons of gods fell in love with the daughters of men.
They took them as their wives and the offsprings were known as the nephilim".


Passive Formation
(notice the imagery of their icons)

Exalted Soul (sons of gods)
Beacon of Ytar (heart of love)
Chant of Resonance (daughters of men)

One With Everything (The Ring of Power)
Seize the Initiative (Middle Earth)
Near Death Experience (Divine Intervention)

First Form - Dual Wield
Second Form - Two Handed
Third Form - Sword and Board

ANALYSIS - Understand the TriForce
- The TriForce is connected, the Chimera is One creature, all three builds is viable for all 3 modes. This build is very hard to explain, it can only be felt while playing.

(Left Click) Way of the Hundred Fists - Fists of Fury
- FoF and Infused with Light combine to create infinite spirit for its duration.

(Right Click) Tempest Rush - Northern Breeze / Tail Wind / Bluster
- These TR rune, one for speed, one for spirit preservation, and one for enemy debuff,
choose your alchemy.

Mantra of Conviction - Submission (for AOE residual damage)
Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing (for Spirit Regeneration)
Mantra of Evasion - Backlash (for AOE burst damage)

Breathe of Heaven - Infused With Light

Wave of Light
- Choose between an evenly divided 3-hit attack followed by a wave,
One single hit in full circle radius, or a Two-hit attack with delayed time.

Empowered Wave for more casting rate and salvation of spirit.
Exploding Light for full circle attack with clones of yourself.
Pillar of the Ancients for dropping time bombs of the second coming.

Sweeping Wind

- Master of the Wind for endless desert wind.
- Cyclone for sheer intense critical hits.
- Inner Storm for spirit regeneration.


Special Thanks
- Me, Myself, and I.
- Fitz, Druin, Jco, Nameless, Colt, Warren, Nocturnal, and the rest of my brethren.

- LR/CF, The Anti-Monk.
Even with northern breeze, wouldn't you run out of spirit incredibly fast with Dual Wielding using Tempest Rush? Would you pretty much be nearly spirit starved by the time you got another group of mobs?

Also the fact that you have to make sure you end up with nearly full spirit after every group because of the large drain on spirit using it with dual wielding.

Although... I guess it may not be so bad if you don't stack AS like crazy and go with slow 1-handers and have decent spirit regen.

I tried the 2-hand build you listed quite awhile ago and really didn't think it was as good as just purely using Quickening for spirit regen. Since you're attacking so slow with a 2-hander, it is pretty much just as fast to fill spirit up with quickening compared to setting up nirvana, also the fact that there are times where you need to regen spirit when nirvana is on a cooldown, and it takes far longer to do that with WotHF with a 2-hand compared to Dual Wielders.
Sweet, can't wait till the video is up.

Your build guides are always awesome, and would be glad to try it out.

Long live CountFury/LordRaahl !
Mantra of Conviction - Submission (Submit to the Aura of attack speed)

attack speed? Am i missing something?
^ yeah, you are missing the word damage.
you're like the quentin tarantino of diablo3 film making.
The video is sick LordRaah!

Commencing Chimera training.
can you re-write these things in a concise version when your drugs have worn off?
07/16/2013 06:15 PMPosted by Angelthirst
it has been somewhere in your mind, but CountFury/LordRaahl is the one that created, preserved, and put it together in simple ways for you to understand.

I admit it has been there and I tried albeit uncertain of the powers I held in my hand.

Maybe im doing sth wrong but nirvana with 2h seems to be a waste for me since after dots applied i grants me about 3 bells for free every 12s due to low Aps, which doesnt seem worth the trouble.
Also i see Guardians Path way ahead of Chant of Resonance in this build; both in Spirit-reg and the RPG aspect :)
also, the chimera's tail is a snake, not a dragon. a snake's head is at the tip.
the head of the goat is usually also present, rising from the back behind the lion's head
didnt think I'd say this but nice vid enjoyed the theme very much

at some point I thought I heard Rob Zombie I was wrong :( great vid anyway
Chimera i like the sound of that,
does this require alot of money to do...
Did you all see my cameo appearance?!
07/17/2013 07:29 AMPosted by WomanAtPlay
Did you all see my cameo appearance?!

Yes, i spotted it, hehe.

Lots of questions for CF/LR :P
Great video, but I dunno about the build...maybe I am just a chowder-head...or maybe you are Darken Raahl trying to get all tricksie and evil on us?
Damn son.. so many questions, where do I begin?
Why don't you just be silent, and go look within?
Fools, you already know some of the answers you ask.
So bask in the Light I bring, and take off your masks.

Soon I will let you know, for now just enjoy the show.
Be smart, don't be a retard,
go watch it again, hear the music, and read all the texts.

today's puzzle is good and evil, and you're gonna start thinking a lot.
and some of you will deny it, while some will accept. >:)
Right now I got a job to do, relax.

I'll be back.
That video was very well put together. *clap*clap* *standing ovation*

The Chimera F2...aka 2h build, seemed more effective over all of them. I will try it out.
I normally DW, don;t know if I will be trying out Chimera F1

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