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I love the concept and I love the way it works in the hands of LR/CF. Tried something similar DW, it took me a while to adjust spirit management. In any case, these builds looks far more coherent than what I was trying. Thanks again LR/CF :P
holy hell talk .. time for an RPG server?
07/17/2013 10:00 PMPosted by abend
I love the concept and I love the way it works in the hands of LR/CF. Tried something similar DW, it took me a while to adjust spirit management. In any case, these builds looks far more coherent than what I was trying. Thanks again LR/CF :P

yep, np. Took me quite a while to finish the video and guide.
Any questions, just ask. :)
07/16/2013 06:36 PMPosted by jxfuller
Even with northern breeze, wouldn't you run out of spirit incredibly fast with Dual Wielding using Tempest Rush? Would you pretty much be nearly spirit starved by the time you got another group of mobs?

- tell me, is there something bad about running out of spirit? :D Suffering is good sometimes, it reminds us we're human. This build however, works for me perfectly. If it don't work for you, don't use it. If you want it to work, just do it and have Faith, that's it.

07/16/2013 11:41 PMPosted by MrMojoRisin
can you re-write these things in a concise version when your drugs have worn off?

- Thou shalt not doubt the Creator of this build.
unless you want to challenge my integrity, then I'll show you how sober I exactly AM.
I wrote a guide with instructions, and made a video showing you what to do,
is it my fault you're too stupid to learn? :)

The video is sick LordRaah!

Commencing Chimera training.

thanks Archimonde, this build is a good work out >:D
07/17/2013 07:29 AMPosted by WomanAtPlay
Did you all see my cameo appearance?!


07/17/2013 10:04 AMPosted by Eiaat
Great video, but I dunno about the build...maybe I am just a chowder-head...or maybe you are Darken Raahl trying to get all tricksie and evil on us?

Nah, I'm more like Richard Raahl, but sometimes I get darkened, I have the Sword of Truth afterall, haha.
Raahl, I can never understand a $%*^&ing thing you say, but that is one awesome video, and what looks to be yet another very cool build idea. Your willingness to experiment, explore, and share are always appreciated.
^ thanks overg, I wrote the guide in metaphors to preserve mystery,
the real guide is in the video. >:)
Well done :D!

You should fit fleet footed in there somewhere too, I really just want to see more of your metaphors.

Also can I join the cult?
^ there is no cult, lol.
it's just a crew, you're welcome to do whatever you want.

There's 2 ways to approach a build in this game, Efficiency or Effectiveness.

Efficiency is for saving time, Effectiveness is for personal expression.
They're 2 sides of the same coin. You should master both.
Hmm.. I posted earlier about the idea but there were few reactions.

This is the EU post with more detailed explanations

Detailed below
Reason of the build
The build allows players dual wield to do Tempesh Rush (TR) at MP10 instead of investing in gear for playing 2 handed (2H) (spirit regeneration from Inna, SOJ, full set Inna etc.). The switch can represent a lot of investment. As STI is moved out for spirit regen passives, increasing the life stat (70k for example to fight elites in Vault of the Assassins (VOTA)) represents time to search for right items and money. Furthermore, playing dual wield is also allowiing higher attack speed than the 2H.

However, it is necessary to remove One with Everything (OWE) as this build requires the 3 passives:
*Exalted Soul for the max 250 spirits
*Becon of Ytar (BoY)
The 250 spiritis buff is key to keep TR as long as possible before the full spirit regeneration.
BoY is a must to reduce the cooldown of Infused the Light.

The gear
It is necessary to remove OWE, therefore, the gear should contains all resistance (AR). EHP is therefore important like with the classical build. It is recommended to have > 550 AR and 55k life.
It is not necessary to have spirit regen in gear. However, a Stone of Jordan (SOJ) is highly recommended in VOTA for the bonus versus elite, for the spirit regen (not a must but a plus) and the critical hit chance on Wave of Light (WoL). the CC of WoL is 7% max.
The main hand weapon (MH) is crucial. WoL is mainly using the MH dps. The rare weapon like mace or spear has the highest min/max, the figures below the big numbers of dps of the weapon.
The off hand (OH) is an Echoing Fury (EF). Mainly for its stats of attack per second bonus (max would be the choice +0.25 attack per sec) and for its crit damage (max is avisable). Of course, the EF has a socket for the emerauld. The dps of the EF does not matter. So the goal is to have high crit chance with a 7% WoL bonus and highest crit damage. High drop of pillars within the nirvana with highest crit damage.

Nirvana is not new. What is new is the addition of TR in the build. As the gear does not provide spirit regen, the build will provide it. Spending time to hit mobs to regen spirits such as with Quickening is not so effective. Infused teh Light enables to fill the 250 spirits with 2 hits on 2 different mobs instantly. Infused the Light is therefore demanded for spirit refill but also for elite fight with pillars. BoY will help to reduice the cooldown so that this rune can be used as much as possible.
Sequence: TR then spirit regen with 2 hits, TR to elites, nirvana with pillars (Infused the Light, Overawe+pillars+refresh once Overawe for the 48%). Refill then TR to next pack.
Why Pillars? This run avoids the knockback in group. But also, since the damages are done twice per pillar, the life steal is more continuous and the mob with the "dot" stays alive to keep the nirvana. Pillars also offer AOE damage. We can imagine how big the damages are with 10 pillars within the 5 sec of Nirvana.

The gameplay difficulty
Controlling the spirit buff and checking the cooldown status needs some carefull management.
The player needs to anticipate when and where to refill the buff (ie, when the cooldown is ready and when there are trash mobs). It is recommended not to wait unitl the buff is empty to refill. Choose the right area to refill even if there are 30% spirit left. A good TR is a TR without much interruption with this build. Knowing well the VOTA map helps to know where to refill.
In order to have full spirit buff, controlling the pillar drops during nirvana 5 sec. Drop 4 sec and leave less than 1 sec for the automatic refill then TR to another pack.
There is a "tips" paragraph below to improve the gameply.

Built constraint
To refill the full spirit, there is a need to have 2 white mobs alive. Killing elites wiith with plenty of white mobs surrounding is the ideal situation. When playing with a player liking to clean the white mobs, refill before it cleans (archonte tends to do so).


* Fast spirit refill: Use Infused the Light, then hit 1 white mob then another one, the full refill is automatic. This enables smoother TR.

* Maintaining the pillar button down during the dps burst, is maximizing the quantity of pillar drop.

* When there is 1 elite to kill and no white mobs surrounding, there is nirvana possible. Use Infused the Light and hit several times for faster refill then activate Blind then burst the 3 pillars.

* Do not destroy the spider columns. Spiders can be used to activate nirvana. Spiders also have the advantage to follow you with great speed. Leave them follow you when going to elites.

*With a CMWZ, when you meet a yellow elite, do not use cyclone strike. Leave the other mobs outside the damage area, they are near enough to apply the dot for Nirvana.

* When you play against a permanent TR monk, leave him Cyclone Strike and Palm. He will arrive first to elites. If the CMWZ arrives second, use the build for full dps (Overawe+Blind+Pillars). If you arrive second, help the permanent TR with blind (against the spin elites for example).

* With a CMWZ, there is no need to be double life steal. This avoids the interruption of swapping gear from single to double LS against reflect packs. Therefore, the runs are smoother.

*When Infused the Light is used, you also brings 7k life to you and your allies within 12 yards.

*During the cooldown, TR can be used to avoid danger such as frost, or arcanes.

* The TR can also help to apply the dot on far mob and back to the elite to apply the dps burst. Doing this assures that the dot mob stays alive during the burst.

* When there are 3 elites pretty near to one another and no mobs around, there is no need to pull. The risk is to have them to close to one another, therefore, difficult to distinguish the one with dot and the one for dps burst (nirvana may not work).

* The fear from the EF seldom happens with this build. The dps comes mainly from the pillars.The EF is there just for the AS and crit d
amage bonuses.
lots of cameos!!! :)
It's been a long time since I've been on a CF/LR video heheee
very nice, Fitz.
and good job, larage.

Now Nirvana has a brother, we must keep these builds steady and strong,
so the future monks can inherit their wisdom. >:)
Thanks Angelthirst,

I play now this build for weeks and it works very well in VOTA in group play. I am not sure why this build is not popular (i posted the same in EU and France).
Good luck in advertising this build.

PS: regarding the video of Fitz, there is no need to use the extra 3 spirit from the MoH. It is a waste for dps, it works with Overawe. The focus should be on the management of spirit pool for the TR. I do everyday on MP10 in group.
Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Cool!

Love it man!!!!

Thanks Acheron,
try out the builds, they're fun and challenging at the same time. >:)
Rise, Rise! >:)
I just discovered the Nirvana build a couple days ago and fell in love with it. I discovered this and introduced my tempest rushing friend of mine who has fallen in love with this one.

I might hang up my Flying Dragon for a Skorn to test this build and/or try the DW one. LR/CF (and Fitz) thank you for introducing me to builds that make me FEEL like I'm playing a monk and having fun.

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