Need some expertise please!!!


Thank you for taking the time to help a fellow player out, or even to just read on my misfortune.

I am having issues producing what I feel would be an acceptable level of damage on my Barbarian. I have spent roughly 180-200 mil trying different combinations of gear on him and have now come down to the "broke as a joke" point lol.

Here is the link to the specific character I am talking about.

It may just be my imagination, but it feels as if my damage is incorrect in comparison to other people characters I have looked at (who have similar or lower stats even).

If anyone has experienced the same issues or see a way I could resolve mine, I would be extremely appreciative.

If I'm not mistaken you seem to have spent all your money on gems.

You have only 1 slot of inceased attack speed when you should have 4 slots of 8 or 9% IAS and you have very little crit chance at 22% from gear only (you should aim for 30%).

As for how to fix your character, I would try to get your 200m back and start over from scratch. You can keep your 2 green gems.

Fastest way to get going will be to sell off most/all of your red gems.

Msg me when you have a bit of money and I can help you with a set.
No unfortunately the gems are a whole separate amount of gold all together lol. I am really ashamed to say that I have spent so much and my stats still suck at this point.

ATM I have 140mil. I would love not to have to use all of it, seeing as I have trouble making money in game lol. But yea any help making a set that is more effective would be awesome.


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