D3 PvP DoT awareness from SC2 LED keyboard

I have constant problems with DoTs during PvP. With rend and haunt, I can not judge a crit that well and I die too quickly before I can break it. With bats and chemical burn, there is no visual icon, so I do not know when I am under those DoT skills. This thread purports a way to be aware of DoTs using an existing Blizzard keyboard as an indicator.

I was looking for a keyboard that I could use with D3 and SC2 and I was considering the SC2 LED keyboard linked below:

You can set an array of lights to flash differently under different game conditions, such as your base being under attack. However, I did not get it because I did not have a use in D3 for the lighting system.

I may have gotten the keyboard if I could use it to alert me that I was under different DoTs during PvP. Yellow could flash for a rend or haunt non-crit while red could flash for a crit. Green could flash for bats and chemical burn, while blue could flash for blizzard and orange for exploding palm. When these effects stack, the flashing could be commensurate to the number of stacks.

Could any other brawlers see this being useful for PvP?
Sounds like something that could get you banned since it would provide information that another player cannot normally access. The difference between a crit rend and rend are just the damage, there is no indicator stating one is crit or non-crit unless you have tested several rends and see one is several times the damage of the other.

Next, Chemical Burn does have a visual effect, just not an icon. The effect looks the same as when the Demon Hunter uses Evasive Fire - Hardened and gains the 25% Armor bonus for a few seconds. As for Plague Bats, there is no indicator at all and is very annoying to gauge how long it lasts.

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