Best and Worst gear from barb above you

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Ring is best, Pants could be better but that's just me
@saiyan4life: ring or amulet, for best piece. Gloves worst piece

Best - vile ward / Ice blimber

Worst- ammy

Best - I love that Amulet of yours

Worst - Maybe more vit on IK Chest?

Best - I like your Witching Hour

Worst - I would say get All Resist Innas but I can't talk :)

Best - your crafted shoulders are sick

worst - One of your rare rings

Best - gloves: Str/Vit/AR/IAS/CD/CC all in one item with good rolls. Nice.

Worst - tough to say, maybe shoulders? Crafted shoulders with higher Vit and +life% would be better.

Best - Lacunis or Mempo. Very nice roll on the bracers!

Worse - IK belt.. so hard to get a really good roll on those. The str+ is nice, but it's lacking the high vit+

Best - I really like that sword of yours... although it's nothing particular.

Worse - Probaby those ik gloves... they lack some crit damage, although I know they're pretty hard to find. Maybe a pair of crafted gloves would do a better job, but I understand you also want the Ik set AR bonus... Tough corner!

best - you got some nice crafted gloves, relly like the picup.

worse - i think its the EF because of the vit, I think one gear himself in a litle coner when you have defensive stats on weapons were you should max out damage.

Best- needless to say is your SOJ with HOTA.

Worse- What's going on with your boots.
worst- inna's

best - inna's pants
worst - 3 way tie: bracer, chest(low vit) & belt

Best - Sword
Worst - IK Gloves

What happened to your old set?
parts of it are on my other barb, the witching hour is on my wizard, and the rest is in stash, however I sold the ias unity a few days ago & 220 str 9 ias 10 cc ik gloves a few days ago, os / cd ef about a week ago, skorn I still have, some other things i might have sold / still have, but I saw pvp dummy and thats what I've been gearing for ever since
someone already rated henry, and I don't know much. someone rate me so I can do some improvements :D
Worst--->Skorn but this is because I am biased against 2handed barb weapons.

Just made this barb. Focusing on lifesteal. Some input would be greatly apreciated.
ur chars are almost naked ^^

cannot rate
@ Infinity

Your profile can't be viewed for some reason...

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I feel a bit squishy with my newish set. Got new rings, Ice Climbers, Mempo, Inna's Temperance and IK belt. Wondering if my AR is to low now...
ur chars are almost naked ^^

cannot rate

Go under "Heroes" tab. And look at my barbarian "chicaca". I promise no nudity :p

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