Best and Worst gear from barb above you

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best: rare mace

worst: ef. low cd high fear. you'd benefit more from ls instead of cd ef as it allows brawler/berserker rage for third passive.

Best is probably your crit Mempo.
Worst is kind of a hard one but I would have to say your gloves could be a little bit better.
@ PsyFy

best would be your ebotd pike, worst would be the twitch chest plate.
^for the male barb

for female barb:
best = gloves
worst = main hand weapon (everything needs crit-crap...)
^ As far as the items stat ranges and possibilities for that item in terms of increased damage. I did not look at the mempo, cuz the item does not exist.
@ Bug

Best piece looks like EF and the worst is toss up between the andy's and the skull grasp
worst...skorn in general
best... ammy

may i ask why you would say the skull grasp? just a note, i am a throw-barb. 1fury attack is very nice. just curious thats all

Worst - Helm
Best - EF
worst- ik belt no vit
best - mempo
@ Bug

Just thought you could get a ring that had more advantages than just a fury reduction on skill. Yes it has ias and cc but there are rings that offer more

I tried out the weapon throw and even with a skull grasp not as nice as yours, I did not fair so well with it sent you a FR maybe you can show me the mechanics and how to use it effectively.

Check my profile still have it slotted.
best - the shoulders look nice
worst - to be honest for ability to play that skorn the lack or life steal is a hard one

best= mempo
wort = shoulder

best - ammy
worst - if i have to say something then the helm for not being 6 chc

as for my shoulders i know i sacrifice some damage but that dex helps the dodge chance out a lot

Best: Right side ring
Worst: Probably Vile

Best: Skorn
Worst: Pants

Best: Skorn
Worst: Pants

Nice gearing.

Best: LH ring - love the socket in it :)

Not so best: EF - Give me more dmg man, drop that LS and pick up CD

Aaaaahhhh...hard to say b/c looking at this I can't help to think of my stuff and all is great. In addition being a relative noob barb myself...however if I had to choose

Best-I would say helm (just b/c Ive been looking and the cost of it), but that crafted ammy is sexay too

Worse- I would say sword, but I'm basinng it not having ls, perhaps thats the beauty of the SnB setup you dont need and if so my mistake. Then I'd go with lacuni, could squeeze some better stats out of that.

worst -the lacunis replace them with some BoA bracers you will get lots more dps

best is skorn

worst-your pants.only have 11% ms.need another item with ms.innas pants i'd suggest as your previous post suggests you prefer the boa bracers.

best-hard decision.your mainhand.

Best your mempo, sick 9/6 specimem. Worst prolly you're ammy(its good but can be improved).

Best - Unity / ik chest

worst - no doubt ---Amulet (no CD )

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