I'm seeking gearing advice

I currently like where my barb is at, I love his flexibility since im at the 2.85 breakpoint, i have enough attack speed to just put a skorn in there if i feel like it and do ww/rend for a bit.

My favorite playstyle is the hybrid one with no generator. As in hota smash, whirlwind. So I really like having that breakpoint while using a mace, thus making my hotas pretty powerful even if i am DW.(also the fact that spamming hotas at that speed is hilarious ;D)

That said...I really dont like my blue spandex ballerina pants!

I was trying to figure out a way to replace them with rares or depth diggers without losing the breakpoint.

What I thought of is getting MS ICs and IAS mace instead of str mace that I currently have.

Should I do this? would it be worth the investment? How high should my budget be to do this properly? 2bil? 4?

Also, should i just drop to the 2.5 breakpoint?

If you think I should keep innas anyway, please suggest an upgrade path for me, or any alternatives you might think of.

Thank you for your time.
your gear is pretty good. i would say above average.

at this point i'd say farm with your current gear till you get to para 100. All you need to do effectively atm is kill trash mobs...and your current set should be able to do that well.

In the mean time look at your own theory questions and put them on d3rawr.com and see what happens. I really don't see any rush for you to spend gold on upgrades atm.

Just remember that IAS on weapons only affects that hand and not both vs ASI from gears which affects both hands.
Eventually BigBaller will likely find this thread and advise you to drop IAS from gear and get an axe mainhand to hit 2.86 on it while dropping to 2.5 on the offhand. That's a solid route and definitely gives you more defenses and has you looking better on paper.

There's something to be said for the smoothness of 2.86 on both weapons, though. If you're willing to give that up, then, yes, get a faster mainhand (either axe or IAS mace), and get DD's or rare pants (I would suggest the latter for you, as your hp is a little low)

If it were my own gear, I'd personally stay where you are, but go the painful route of adding AR to bracers and/or ring. The fact that you're using war cry is a major problem. Dropping it for OP:KS is a bigger upgrade than any piece of gear could give you...but being able to get the defenses necessary on 7 slots of IAS is quite difficult as you surely know.

Sticking with it would mean making a conscious decision to sacrifice both defenses and top-end damage for the sake of the quality of life of having matched breakpoints on both of your weapons. To most people, its not worth it, but the ones that appreciate it usually don't want to go any other way. Up to you to decide where you stand.
I'm surprised that no-one replied...there are some strong opinions on this forum (Edit: two replied just as I was typing lol). People either love or hate the baby blue pants.

I'll try to summarise:

- the 2.85 bp is nice but unnecessary, particularly for dw hota.

- rares or depth diggers will outperform innas, as long as you have the budget to get the stats elsewhere. The most common way is to get ms ICs and ias on one or more jewellery items. Tyraels is another way, but take care not to become a glass cannon if you do that.

- I would recommend against an ias mace,because ias on gear affects both weapons. Attack speed on one weapon can be a wasted slot.
Ah hell sorry, i forgot that i logged out with warcry...i only used that to help a friend do ubers mp10 instead of overpower KS. (I wanted him to help him live lol)
Yes my hp is a little low, that is why i have currently crafted around 300 vit shoulders trying to get some with 200+ str and decent all res.

But your right silver, i also thought of getting all res lacunis, i'm over the 2.85 breakpoint, so i could get 8% lacunis instead of 9s.

But i cant seem to be able to find nice ones on AH with either double str all res, or str vit all res, or are those way more than 2bil?

When I bought my rare ring i was looking for all res, but it was much more expensive than the one i got, so i got one with armor instead that still gave me some protection.

Oh and thanks silver and goobal...i didnt know about the IAS on weapon thing that only affects the weapon itself and not both...so essentialy if i go the ias mace route...my offhand wouldnt be at the 2.85 breakpoint.
If you're looking for those types of bracers with 6% CC then they're going to be far more than 2b. single str/ar lacunis should be a bit more reasonable. Double is doable if you're willing to drop crit chance to 5.5 or below. I'd probably start by upgrading your chest. Once you start pushing into this level of gear, having every ounce of str/vit on it helps.

Yes, IAS on the weapon counts only for that weapon. I don't quite agree that its a wasted stat though, it still will make your HotA's and ww's faster, and it will make your sprint tornadoes faster when cast on that weapon. For what its worth though, my personal preference would still be to stick with a non-IAS mace mainhand. But as I said, be mindful that you're sacrificing a lot on paper while going this route.
I think i will keep turning a blind eye to the blue spandex thing, and hope they implement dye for legendaries this year :P

I really love the smoothness of having 2.85 on both, this is why i went for so high AS.

So after hearing all your advice, for which im really happy you gave me, i will keep my current gear set and just try to upgrade pieces to get more all res mostly.

And now that you just pointed it out silver...that chest was one of the first thing i bought, i think i really could get a nicer one at my budget now, but i think i would like to get some more all res before i upgrade it, im sitting at 540ish all res right now, so one more 70+ all res piece would make a big difference.

And on a sidenote...when they implement the itemization patch for monster lvl legendaries...im eyeing a certain legendary belt that might help in this department a bit. :D And i think there are also more +aps weapons too.

Thanks again for your time, much appreciated.

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