Witch Doctor
I was thinking to test how does CC procs with COB, since it does a lot of hits (more with my crappy gear). Affortunatly, i found this on the AH:

Gloves: 4.8 Stun with 164Int / 25CD / 9.5CC
Belt: 4.2 freeze TWH with armor (armor is good for this build)
Bracers: 4.5 Knockback strongarms with 75 RAll

The result: CC procs a lot, not as much as spamming Acid Cloud, but at least, helps to keep you alive casting COB w/out interrupts.

Does any1 tested the same? (if there is another post of this, pls refer).

In the stuck thread:

Search for Proc Rate
i mean something after last patch, with CoB.
Internet search wins:

This is a compilation of the proc coefficients for all skills in Diablo III. Tested & confirmed correct for the current patch (1.0.8)
Bottom line only Acid Cloud and Rain of toads stacks proc worth a damn. Lep zombie does nice on paper but the casting animation is so slow as to be useless.

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