Need help building a desktop under $600

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The title says it all guys, do you guys think a gaming desktop under $600 would be able to run diablo 3 to its maximum potential? Any input will be much appreciated, thank you in advance.

PS: I can get Windows 7 even 8 from my university for free for i am a student so that can be excluded from the budget!
If you are just gonna play games like D3 then yes absolutely.
Just be careful about balancing your build, too often do people pay extra for components that they don't even fully utilize.
Doing more research will never hurt.
Look at the system I made a few posts down.

You can put it together for less than 600 if you wait for deals. It's 690ish atm, and should destroy this game.

This build assumes you don't need Monitor, keyboard, mouse, copy of windows.

If you want cheaper, it can be done.

Look into AMDs with built in video cards. *Just make sure you get a mobo that also supports built in cards.

At under 600, you're not going to get much unless you wait and catch the right deals.

*I'm pretty sure this is how it works, I've never built a system with integrated graphics.

*You could also drop some off the price if you get the HD 7770, instead of HD 7850 (save like 50 bucks), this is a big drop though, but, should work. I'd suggest a larger PSU, for adding a 2nd later, but this would than add more to the price, so, would defeat the money saved by going with 7750.

HD 7770

Other AMD CPU's

Don't skimp on, the PSU, or motherboard. I'd suggest a good case like the one in my post below, 50 bucks for that case is a steal.

Maybe drop down to a 500Gb HDD if you need to save more.

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