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So Im considering picking up a new computer, basicly I can get it for free,I just want to make sure its better than the one im using now and if so by how much. The one Im using now has
Operating System:Windows (Service Pack 1)
CPU Type:AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 235e Processor
CPU Speed:2.72
GHzSystem Memory:6.44 GB
Video Card Model:NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT(bought and installed after purchsase-addon)
Video Card Memory:4 GB
Video Card Driver:nvd3dum.dll
Desktop Resolution:1280x1024
Hard Disk Size:733.94 GB
Hard Disk Free Space:608.19 GB (83%)

And heres a link to the one im looking at.

Now I would want to take the video card out of my current PC and put it in the new one soI would want to make sure that was possible. I know its not Gaming rig but neither is the one I have now and for the games I play on it ,it works fine. Although I wouldn't mind maybe getting into some more graphic intensive games like cod,ect. for now I play LoL,& hearthstone when it comes out.

So basicly I would like a comparison ,,it would be a ton of help and I would truly appreciate it as I really don't know how to look and really compare, I mean I know it has more ram ect...I need to know the more finer and detailed things. If you can help I thank you a TON

Be honest,harsh,its fine.
It's significantly better than your current setup; the exception is the lack of a GPU.

For the graphics problem, it's unknown for 2 reasons - room in the case and since there is no info on the power supply, don't know if it is sufficient to run your GPU. I suspect it isn't since it appears to be more of a media PC than anything.
It is a poor choice if your goal is gaming.
7.1" x 15.8" x 14.9" and a 300W PSU mean that your expansion choices are practically non existent (you can't even use your old GPU on it).

You can make a DIY PC that is much better suited to gaming with the same amount of money.
Well I really appreciate the replays. I have a certificate for 365 bucks that I got as part as a emachines lawsuit but I can only use it on a certain site, That looks like the best pc they had. Prolly just upgrade my current and just get a laptop.
Well what you can do is redeem it, and simply replace the PSU and the case, it would cost you about $100. You can even salvage your old GPU once that's done.

Cheaper and better than getting a laptop.
Curious, where can you use it? Might not be a bad idea to upgrade key items on the system you already have.
I'd personally look into getting a FX-6300, or FX-8320, a new motherboard that supports AM3+, and then, a good 500W - 550W PSU. <----- not sure what your PSU is. If you have cash left over, you can upgrade your ram to something like 8 Gb DDR3, or maybe video card.

*If you upgrade your mobo, you'll need a new copy of windows, or, assuming that you old motherboard died, you can transfer your current copy to the repaired system.
I suggest you watch this.

Pay close attention at 20:00 to what he says about moving windows to a new system. I also suggest you watch the full video. You can easily do this yourself, and use that 400 bucks to upgrade your system with key parts. Shoot, you might even want to look into a new case. For around 50ish, you can get good Antec, or Cooler master case.

also reddit has MANY boards regarding pc building

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