Next gear for my wiz ?


After a big sale, I have 4B to spend on my CM wiz but must admit I' struggling a bit.

Here's my profile :

key figures :

2.92 APS
58.5 CC
4078 Armor
52K HP
870 LOH
240K unbuffed DPS

Would obviously like to improve both my DPS and EHP at the same time but the gains are either minor (a few more stats on another chest or pants) or make me very squishy (switching pants to Inna's)

There's of course the possibilty to craft better gear (gloves and ammmy lack Vit/AR/Armor, shoulders lack armor) but the odds are very small.

Thanks a lot for your help !
anyone please ?
I believe your weakest piece is the mempo. You could get a 9/5 one for 2B and gain somewhere near 10k dps!
It's hard to give too much advice on your set because it is very good.

Ony criticism is that your defensive stats are just a bit shy. 80 more all resistance would be great maybe on your lacunis. But that would cost you your int most likely.

Your just going to need to bump up your stats on your items to hit more dps.

Nats setups are notoriously hard to hit Higher dps over 250 unless your start investing heavily.

Get some paragon levels that should bump you up a bit.

Also you have "extra" attack speed if you can trade some for other damage modifiers go for it.
If you are dying a lot, go with blur instead of evocation. I find that ground effects like tree poison and fire are the things that do me in most. Those are in fact mele damage sources. Evocation only benefits you once you start fighting, and blur will also help on that 'first hit mit'.

I also never understood Diamond Shards vs Crystal Shell. Sure the SNS/CM wizard wants to do good dps, but, as a tank, your prime objective is to not die. Crystal Shell makes a MASSIVE eHP difference. I compared the 2 with the same group. One uber run I died 5 times without Crystal Shell, the other I never went below 50% HP at all the entire run. Remember, if you die, your group may die shortly after.

As for gear, Zuni 3 piece is pretty sick. The 100 int bonus is better than the IAS bonus of Tals, and the 60 AR bonus is nice too.

Since you already have an apoc offhand, some IK gloves and hat provide even more mele reduction, as well as str based armor. My d3up mele EHP is 400k in DPS gear. If you aren't that high in TANK gear, you will have some troubles.

IK stuff is cheap too.. highly under-rated.
Thanks a lot for your time and input

Quetzal : a 9/5 mempo would use half of my budget for "only" 4K dps more.

Boozor : yeah, I know I'm a little low on AR but getting AR on the lacunis would indeed mean losing 7K dps. That's exactly what's been driving me mad : any significant upgrade on EHP implies a significant loss in DPS and the other way around.

Didnt know about the nats set, will check out other options but I love the 7% CC bonus =)

Honestly, I don't die too much unless I really mess up (bad positionning vs electrified, plague + arcane, etc...)

I do have a lot of IAS above the 2.74 so will indeed look at trading some of it for damage modifier on left ring.

Lammy : thanks for the 'unconventional' suggestions =) Got of all that gear split among my charactres (zuni, IK, etc..) so will try different combinations.

For your budget, you've done as well as anyone can really do.

Usually for my 4B sets I build, I'm bit more defensive oriented so DPS is around 200k instead of your 240k.

There is room to improve. Lots of 300k nat users with ridiculous mitigation like pensfan080 and lexic among others as well.

But all cost way more then 4b.
Thank you. Guess I'll just keep on crafting for the time being, that 800+ LOH ammy will be there someday and make my life easier =)
If you don't mind Rahan, I'd like to ask the same question on my gear. I just came up with 1.5 billion to spend on some upgrades, but i really dont know where to spend the majority of it yet. Any specific items i should use it all on? Like a cc mempo and apoc force for example? Thanks :)

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