use it so it won't lag the heck out of my PC? I have a full version of Fraps and the free version of Bandicam. Fraps seems to eat up resources whereas Bandicam is not nearly as intensive.

Any help would be appreciated.
If you're losing FPS, set all of your graphics to minimal settings, sound to minimal settings.

Shrink down your resolution. If not 1080p, then go to 720p, or worse, 480p :P

Make sure your Fraps records at the same FPS as your in-game FPS settings (not sure if and how this would help, but that's what someone told me some time ago and I just went with it).

AFAIK, free versions of recording programs automatically record at lower resolutions.

Graphics card, RAM, CPU all matter for high-quality recording. I don't use Bandicam, but I do use the full version of Fraps. All recordings are saved completely uncompressed. My 1-minute videos are all 2 GB and above. I currently have about 750 GB of D3 gameplay videos sitting on one of my external hard drives.
Thanks...I will give it a shot ASAP.
Never tried FRAPS...but play claw never gives me any trouble

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