Final Fantasy XIV who's going to play?

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I've been dissatisfied with D3 for a while now. I haven't found a single item that is really memorable or exciting. I'm glad I purchased the game and all but it's sad how little the dev's cared and any real improvments will forever be put on hold at the chance for them to make a few extra bucks. Ex. This ridiculous several month patch being put on hold just so they can market this game on consoles.

Anyway I really like MMORPGS's and Final Fantasy 11 was one of my all time favorite games. They are about to release the next MMO next month and after reading up on it am yearning for it like no game before besides what I expected of D3. They actually released it last year but unlike D3 took note of the negative reviews and recalled the game to do a full rework and re release a much more polished version. ( I can only imagine what this game would be like if Big Blizz had the humility to actually recall a game of theirs, we can all agree the outrage more than warranted this)

So I'm just curious is anyone else from the D3 community excited for this game to come out and plan on playing? Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to reading your responses!
imo the last good final fantasy was 8

battle systems are very good in all FF but I just cant see me happy with 9 or later
I've been curious and there has been good reviews coming out of beta. I'm more interested about this then ESO or Wildstar, but kind of sick of paying a subscription as well.

PSO2 is something on my mind as well. You can technically play it, but not officially released in US yet.
Been in the beta, and it's solid. Those familiar with WoW or better yet the standard MMO UI will feel right at home playing it.
heard ff14 ARR should be good.
im busy playing the secret world atm though.
FF14 ARR looks ok, my fiancee is pretty hot to play it. I can be a dragoon and grind till I hate grind again.
FF15 looks like it could be awesome actually.

I'm playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen which is a truly amazing game. It seems kind of generic at first but once you get into it properly, it's really incredible.

Shadowrun Returns is out tomorrow!

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