TriGen Build Discussion and Guide

TriGen is a cookie-cutter build that uses three different spirit generators plus the passive Combination Strike to maximize DPS.

The build is best utilized versus bosses and ubers as it excels in single target damage.

You can find in-depth information about the build and gearing choices for it here:

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We are the Banned of Gamers.
jus trolling.

edit: fu edzmond, beat me by 1 second.....
is it over we can post now?
07/22/2013 05:34 PMPosted by KamelJabber
is it over we can post now?

You already posted!!

Thanks for the guide Fitz. Good write up!
Looks good Fitz, as usual, you're as organized as you are informative. Now, how about a dual-gen guide? ;)
ooh. adding to the resume huh? ;)
I feel like i forum more than play nowadays, so not weird in my eyes. The game gets tedious.. there is always way more exploration on the forum than in game adn that exploration benefits game play in turn for all monks who learn from such guides. so gj keeping the game alive, in a sense!
You have to refresh Foresight's third-strike bonus every 30 seconds.
Hy Fitz.
Would you recommend this build for 2h or Shield ? I find it a little difficult to run combo with a slow weapon.

Errata : I think Blazing Fists buff every 5 seconds not 3.

"Mantra of Conviction: Overawe Rune – 48% buff when spammed. Nothing competes for damage output like this does."
I'm going to be obnoxious here. Solo, bell gives more damage/spirit spent than Overawe.
This build is one I have earmarked as a possible MP10 Belial killer. Way outside of my comfort zone, but hopefully with a little practice I can give it an honest go. Thanks for the write-up Fitz.
Posted by GAK
Errata : I think Blazing Fists buff every 5 seconds not 3.

I'll test. I usually do a 4 count which would be 0-1-2-3, but maybe I am off.

It is 5 seconds but it's easiest to just refresh everytime you spam your Mantra.

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