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Hi All,

Just want to share my experience with everyone thinking of getting a Diablo 3 for PS3. This is a warning. Just a few days ago, my PS3 broke. Not only that it is now costing me 100 bucks to get to fix, but this is the second time this has happen on TWO separate PS3. What went wrong? Well the first PS3 which I had for about 4-5 years was the blue-ray/disk scanner, but it is now at the point of not fixable. My other PS3 which I also had for around the same time is being repair after the YLOD (motherboard got overheated). I am hoping it'll last me till PS4 comes out, if they can fix it which I will update you guys in about 2-3 days. In my opinion, from my perspective the PS3 is a good system but wear and tear over the year will definitely shorten the lifespan. I don't know why, but my PS2 modded had a better lifetime than the PS3, not only it was modded but I bought it over to my friends and took less care than the PS3. My issue is not that it has a short lifespan, but rather the lack of intelligence that went into how it was built. So understand Sony, my PSP broke and now I think the maintenance requirement for a gaming system is lacking resource.


I dont think its fair to say that a (lets say for the sake of argument) "faulty" PS3 should make a difference in you getting D3.

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