Wizzy dps/MP help

Hey guys been gearing my wizzy last few days. What MP do you think i could run in solo or group play and would i be able to stand a chance against uber bosses?

Also i have around 1 billion to spend on upgrades and i am looking around to see what dps/EHP is the best bang for my buck. Any thoughts?
personally i would just jump straight in the deep end and go mp10 then proceed to knock it down a level till you find that sweet spot your comfortable running and not dying at while killing packs at a decent speed.

don't really see much in the way of resists on your gear but i know there's plenty of wiz around here for more informative answers though so ill leave it up to them :-)
Bump anyone else?
Well with the gear I have (which is not the greatest nor the lamest) I can do comfortably MP6. With the occasional death on beams/fire pits/teleport elites. I hate those.
Arcane torrent cleans lotsa whites in fractions of seconds even at MP7.
The spectral blade with the 14% added damage by the offhand heals me full in less than a second.
If I could only have teleport and keep all other skills.....:-(
Now my whole gear cost me less than 300mill. The value might be more. 3-4 items I found myself(the amulet is one and the ring, which I'm not sure the value, but I know they KICK !@#)
Get AR. Chest, bracers, belt, maybe pants. It will cost your DPS, but you need more EHP to be able to tackle higher MPs. A 300k DPS CM wiz who can only survive on MP4 is not very useful. Could use a little more CC too.

Also, I hope you intentionally logged out with your build messed up, because that's what it is (messed up, that is). :P
300k wiz ? try to - ea , familiar , magic wep , and glass canon .... hes lower than 150k.
dude just noob and used almost all skill to go high dps .
I'm hoping you just buffed your profile DPS to look good and you don't actually run with that build. If you do run with that, for the love of god, read PieHole's CM/WW SNS guide and learn the build first before you start spending your gold on more random gear to further buff your profile/sheet DPS.

For more gear specific advice, you have AR on your pox and viles... that's it. Forget Savage Beasts, one tick from an arcane beam and you're dead. CM/WW is about survival and freezing, not DPS so with your gold (all of your budget), look at improving your EHP/mit only. With only 186k EHP, a lot of things one shot you on MP7... almost everything one shots you in MP10.

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