New to Barb, Please Review / Help

So I have just started purchasing gear:

Mainly -

Mempo, Witching Hour, 2 Immortal King pieces, Ice Climbers, and both weapons (Echoing Fury and an off hand)

Could you please tell me how good the pieces I purchased are? am I moving in the right direction? For the bad pieces that I know I need to upgrade, what direction should I move in? more vit / strength? or all resist?

And for the pieces I have already purchased, could you please tell me if they're below average, good, or very good?

Thanks all, just trying to get all my gear set and get serious.
You should read some guides on gearing at the top of the forum. The only thing I see that'd be usable going forward is your mempo and EF. The rest I would not use. Witching Hour is only if you already have enough hp/mitigation to afford it.

Summary: Not enough IAS or crit to do permawrath.
would anyone be available to council me in game? perhaps through messages?
so should I just sell what I bought and re-buy? I have read a lot of DIY's and posts about gearing, and I thought I had a general consensus... but its still not making sense

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