Help a TR guy out - gear towards hitting 200k

My goal is to clear vota on mp6 as a quickly as possible using a TR and bell build.
I can currently run mp4 fairly quickly. Most mobs do not die when I TR through them without me doubling back. Elite packs take 4 or 5 bells. Spirit is hard for me to keep up with that amount of bells and that slows me down.

On mp1 everything dies when I TR through them and elite packs take 1 bell. Its like a 2 min run to clear.

I think I need to hit the 200k unbuffed mark. What is my upgrade route to get there? I currently have around 800mil gold.
i used 800m to get where i am. is this fate? lol.

prices i can remember off the top of my head

skorn - 84m bid
nat ring 120m bo
nat boot 120m bo

omg. i cant remember the rest. let u know when i get home tomorrow from work. too tired to log in again...
-You'll want to double your all resist if you run mp6, at least if you don't wanna kill yourself if any of the 4 elite mobs has reflect dmg up or if they do any CC on you.

-Also if you want to kill white mobs with TR, you should stick to low MP.

-Fleet footed is wasted if you want to kill white mobs and you have to double-back.

-Belt/pants could be double-dex roll with vit.

-Missing ALOT of dps on that amulet with the low crit chance, crit damage, and dex.

-missing 1.5%CC on bracers

-no crit dmg on nat's ring

Signed: A 200k, 0.97aps, unbuffed TR monk.

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