Im rolling sword/board barb on day 1..

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What will you be rolling? I want to have a good sword/board barb so I plan to play him for a long time.
I'm going with a sword and board DH!
I think I'm going to roll monk. I don't want to play it up to much, but they are a lot of fun to play on the console, and it's one of the classes I haven't played a ton of.
nm, i see wut u did there
I may roll a monk too. I think that melee close up combat will be really smooth on the console.
Demon Hunter! My favorite. :)

After that, I'm not sure, toss up between witch doctor, wizard and monk. Then there is barbarian... oh my decisions, decisions... lol
Witch Doctor. I wouldn't mind being the first person to find the Thing of the Deep and have non-PC players be like, "Dude is that a frog?!"
lol I think I might roll Barb and my wife will roll monk :)

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