Crafting Endgame Monk Weapons?

I'm currently running a shenlong's set but I feel like I'm not going to be able to break into the higher MPs without life steal: my LoH and LPSS just isn't cutting it in MP8. I can't play all that often so getting billions for weapons with LS that won't send my DPS plummeting isn't really an option.

It appears there isn't a crafting recipe for the Heaven Hand, and swords top out at conquest sword. Is it worthwhile to try crafting 1H weapons?


Yeah, keep crafting... Let me know if you get anything good. You'll be the first.
a wiz by the name of piehole for kicks decided to try crafting swords, his thread got moved to the crafting section but after spending 500mil crafting he could have gotten a better sword for around 200mil on gah
Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to craft weapons unless you know something the general population does not. It has been shown many many times that you will get burned by straight crafting, especially these days when the scraps are worth nothing. I didn't heed these warnings and dumped a lot of money both in early days for a good bow and post 1.07 for a one hander. It was a mistake.

Even BOA crafting is like getting repeatedly punched int he #!!*#%@@ until the horse licks your mouth.
I assume you're not working @ cyber shop in some orient country eh?
then don't bother with weapon craft.. they crafted for so many months everyday, every hour, yet not much known crafted weapon are widely available other than duped..

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