@Blizzard, can we get some D2 support, please? O:

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So.. Ok, yeah. This is D3 forums, yadda - yadda. But, you know.. D2 is still your game also. >_>

<_< And I would love to see a Battle.net overhaul for D2's interface and a way to stop the bot spamming. Please?

Some of us still like playing that game, but good luck getting a Blue response on D2 forums. ;_;
Hi Sin, the legacy forums found here are regularly attended to by our support representatives who also check DIII's tech section. For specific technical assistance with any of those older titles, I would advise posting in the legacy tech section. If you don't get a prompt response, go ahead and post the question here and I'll do my best to get you an answer, or help redirect attention to your original post.

For general account assistance, I would ask that you contact us through our Customer Support portal, which is found here. Cheers!
o.o;; This is the first blue response I've ever gotten........

I .. I was just asking if you guys could also take measures to stop bots on your D2 servers so I can host public games.
Happy to respond :) To be clear, we do have an administration team that is constantly engaged in working to protect our games from exploitation. I won't be able to offer specifics about how that team goes about its investigations, but we do want to continue to do the best that we can to protect the integrity of our games, both newer and older. If there's any specific report that you'd like to provide us, you can send word with as much specific information to hacks@blizzard.com

Thanks, Sin! We appreciate it!

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