yay finally 300k dps.

finally hit that mark..well with scoundrel buff..just a little more to go,,c'mon rng gods! i need some beast crafts today
awesome! congrats :-)

plenty of room for more DPS on the EF ;-)

Not yet!
that is one fabulous monk
Welcome to the club mofo! With follower counts in my book...they are an accessory like any other piece of gear :D

Wow nice. imo almost.. but if you get a GG ammy it will put you well over 300k!
I was in the same situation, then I crafted a better ammy.
07/29/2013 12:43 PMPosted by KimSulki84

different ammy in that profile, but yea still not quiet there without scoundrel.

and thanks guys! couldnt of did it without the helpful tips/guides/friends from the great monk forum lol.
I finally made the 300k Unbuffed DPS club with this Little Upgraded Amulet today!

Can I buy some IAS? For the life of me, I can't roll IAS on an amulet, but still happy with this puppy,

Herer's a screen shot



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