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Well, long patch tonight so I'll throw this up. Full credit (ie blame) for the build goes to PaulNg, I was planning to go freeze/stun, he said no, go for fear! Keep in mind this was basically trying to make a gimmick build work. So here you go:!VUc!bcaZcY
+ (up to 20% fear) (up to 5.1% fear) (up to 5.1% fear) or (up to 2.6% fear)

The concept is to stack as much fear as possible, up to the max possible of 32.8% This well outstrips any other form of crowd control you can stack without gimping your other stats too much. EF, Tal Rasha's and the SoS/MGF are all solid items while the Star isn't a must have, it still helps.
>The choice of the Tal Rasha's helm is so we can have fear without losing crit chance which happens with both Zuni Vision and Visage of Giyua.
>Thus we need SoS to maintain Zuni 4-set, otherwise MGF is the obvious pick for this.

How am I playing this?
-Throw a jar of spiders to attract monsters and activate vision quest, then position for bears (back to impassable terrain, 45% angle where possible) and burn your mana as monsters charge in.
-Then we switch to acid cloud, a few doses will get the monsters scattering, take this opportunity to get some more spiders out to reset vision quest and get your mana back up.
-Fear will eventually wear off, and the monsters will return to a fresh wave of bears. Rather than spamming acid cloud like classic ac/bears, instead we're cycling it and using acid cloud to mitigate incoming damage when we need it. The high fear proc will interrupt a lot of big hitting wind up attacks meaning we don't have to dodge.
-The fetishes are in the build because I hadn't finished fleshing this out and I didn't need the slots. But I found they would body block savage beast attacks for me from off screen saving me some hassle and so they stayed. I'll test this in somewhere like keep depths as well to see if the suicide bombers can be persuaded to go for the fetishes as well.

The build is new for me, so there's likely plenty of kinks I haven't come across yet but it was a cheap way of trying the classic procdoc style of play. How cheap you say? All up the 4 pieces only cost me around 1.5mil, I didn't shop around for these, just grabbed the first items I saw. Fear is considered a trash stat so these items are generally pretty cheap. If you like the build, you can splurge on the EF and mojo.

Anyway, let me know what you think. If you like it, thanks! If not, blame PaulNg (nothing personal buddy). :D
I saw the name of the build/thread and was attracted like a moth to the flame. Very nice name!

I like the idea behind this build. Although I am not sure how it will play out. with such a high fear chance, will the short range of bears be less efficient since monsters will be running away from you and not towards you?

Also I suppose if Acid Cloud is used, then LoH is a good choice to have? instant HP-refills...reminds me of the old days when Acid Cloud + LoH was a life-saver for many builds =D
also given that fetish army has such a long CD and there is no GI in the build to reduce the CD, and with the build already having fetish syncopaths in it, perhaps army can be dropped for another skill? if a tank is needed, perhaps dogs or gargs would be a better choice.

Just throwing out some ideas =D

personally though I would go with horrify. a multi-purpose all-powerful skill =D
Well, now I get the blame while you enjoy making the whole town panic. LOL

Have fun with that man. Cheers :)

ps: Nat's helm comes with default Fear, you may want to consider Nat's 2pc for the 7% CHC bonus.
Yeah, the limited range and everything running away took a lot of getting used to. But with such a high proc rate you can choose to be sparing, and it suddenly felt like a solid and predictable attack rotation. This is in no way comparably efficient to a normal build but it also felt I could go a lot more papery than I was expecting.

LoH of course works well with acid cloud, but you shouldn't expect monsters to stay long in a pool so it could take a lot more applications. I went with LS because I was making bears the core with AC support.
Also good point about dropping army, I rarely if ever activated it since I had enough with the passive doing its thing.


Oh, you are full of crazy ideas PaulNg, now I'll have to look into that too!
also the build seems very mana intensive unless the player has good bears reduc gear.
bears + acid cloud = mana gone. not sure how the regen is going to play out given that the main weapon is an EF = one mana-regen slot gone. perhaps using the mana-return rune for soul harvest might be better =D but all this is just me throwing out theory and ideas - will still need to be tested out in game =D

I really like fetishes in any build and I hope it works out for this build!
07/30/2013 08:44 AMPosted by Surijak
Oh, you are full of crazy ideas PaulNg, now I'll have to look into that too!

Did I mention Nat's helm can come with CHC too? So your scaredybear build could potentially cross 60% CHC. That won't be cheap though.
Oh, mana can definitely be an issue and bear reduction would help but the overall attack rotation seemed to smooth out the gameplay somewhat. Bears until mana is almost depleted, dump a few acid clouds, and then everything would scatter long enough to refill entirely with widowmakers, with spirit walk for backup mana.


Cost is why I was happy to go with fear. Don't know that I'll be turning this into a GG build just yet, it'll take me quite a bit more work. :)

Edit: Nat's helm and ring right? Boots would break the zuni set.
07/30/2013 08:56 AMPosted by Surijak
Edit: Nat's helm and ring right? Boots would break the zuni set.

Yes, I saw IAS ring on you, so I thought you wanted that slot to have IAS, and Nat's ring has default IAS.

Edit: If you're going to position yourself against a wall or corner for bears, I don't think you need 30% proc. 1 cast of Acid Rain at 15% proc is already super effective, not to mention double cast. You can check with our proc-master Blackjack, I'm quite certain he can confirm the effectiveness of 15% proc when using Acid Rain. That also means your EF alone is enough, the rest of your gear can be normal WD DPS gear. But hey, it's your build after all, so you decide. I'll just gladly take the blame for it (lamb to the slaughter house.....)

The good news is that Bears have super-poor proc rate, so you can decide when you want to Fear via Acid Rain or Horrify.
Hmm, plenty more testing to do when server is up again. I like the dichotomy between bears and acid cloud proc rates, feels like you have more control over when to use it. Spiders seem have a decent proc rate as well, was interesting being able to keep lone monsters on permanent lockdown from full to dead.
07/30/2013 09:29 AMPosted by Surijak
I like the dichotomy between bears and acid cloud proc rates, feels like you have more control over when to use it.

Ok, my next statement is going to kill your build.

If you spam Bears until OOM, then SW for mana and cast Horrify, everything gets Feared. So why would you need Acid Rain and all the proc gear? Ohhh NooooOOO!!!! What have I done??!
Simple, horrify isn't on a fast enough rotation. I've tried it also.

Edit: Range also works in acid clouds favour. I like what you're doing here though, the questions need to be asked. One localised fear on a 16 second cooldown vs fear anytime you want anywhere on screen.
hehe... well said.

I'm going to see if AH prices everything at 2B........... hopefully maintenance will be over soon. So boring waiting...........
As I indicated I'd test in the OP, I can't for the life of me figure out if the fetish can help with fallen maniacs, instead I kept dying to them while trying to figure it out. Oh well.
Also on the topic, one acid cloud doesn't seem to be enough to ensure they run away, best bet is to shower the area until the fallen have exploded should you choose to stand your ground.

As for elites, suddenly ran into a whole lot of shield/nightmare packs (go figure), which became quite annoying as this build is meant to do the fearing, not be on the receiving end! That said, it was handling double packs as well quite satisfactorily for my level. These were all encountered in the keep depths, I'll look to expand on the areas I run this to see how it fairs more broadly.

Should also mention I switched to the scoundrel with windforce and cold damage soj which seemed to make more sense for this build.
Fallen maniacs? Use horrify and spirit walk!
Horrify will add to your build's theme too.
I like horrify, it's feeling somewhat redundant though with so much fear. The armour bonus is always good and thematically it does fit, I'm thinking it may be especially clutch for terror demons in act 4 where half a second or more may be too long to wait already. Otherwise a lot of monsters seem to have sufficient tells thus far. Still testing, still testing... other options for now might be some more zone control, zombie wall or gotd. I seem to remember something about static slows not affecting monster crowd control resistance so it wouldn't be harmful in that way either. Otherwise, I can slot in more buffs!

Fetishes have merely been incidental, they're placeholders for now. Looking to nail down a more useful setup, but for all this blasted maintenance Blizzard have been doing. I've been surprised how fun this build has turned out so far though, my thread is starting to feel like a mini blog.
Would this build not be horrible for group play?
08/01/2013 05:27 AMPosted by WilsonKhoo
3 wind force Demon Hunters will be very happy to see him.


*am a WF DH myself*

Looks like I have to add you in game surijak! though my DH is only low-MP capable lol.

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