Keep saving for, or craft an ammy?

Witch Doctor
STILL trying to get an ammy upgrade. I'm sitting on 180mil gold and wondering if I should keep saving or risk some of it on crafting?

I have just over 100 DE's, but I'd also have to buy brimstones and gems (nearly 100 each).

For the gold I have there are a small handful of ammys that are CLOSE to what I'm looking for. The best being +6k dmg, and either +2-4k life or .1-.3% protection.

I'd like to get one with minimum 7k more dmg as that should put me unbuffed in the 190k dps range.

Thoughts and/or suggestions?
I think you should keep trying to craft. Check mine out, it took forever but it's pretty hard to beat; I don't think you can buy anything better at any price. Good luck!
I haven't checked Tal's Ammys lately but they seems to be the best of the non-crafted amulets you can regularly buy. Maybe get a solid one of them, and that should hold you over until you get lucky with a craft. I've crafted lots of amulets but still waiting on the day I find an upgrade.
Axxegrinder, That is almost exactly what I'm looking for! High vit, some strength/armor and high crit dmg. Very nice.

I think I'm going to take bonefish's suggestion. Last time I spent 18mil on ammy crafting and got nothing and was very frustrated. I'd rather have a sure thing even if it means that it's even harder to replace later.

Also, after another sale I'm up to 220+ mil.

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