Surprise! Act IV keywarden in Normal mode

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that we do have a potential fix for keywardens appearing in difficulties below inferno. However, I don't have any info as to when it may appear on live servers. Just know that it's in the pipeline.

Thanks for all the reports!

Is there any way to allow us to choose whether or not to fight a keywarden on pre-inferno? They're great for loot drops (relative to anything else in the game) and provide a challenge to boot. I really, really miss having them on pre-Inferno since they drop like bosses (again, they were challenging, and deserved such).
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I actually didn't know what I ran into the first couples times I faced them, but I would be sad if they went away pre-inferno. Yeah it was a bit crazy and unexpected, but it really added to my game.
I would kind of enjoy having them have a % chance to appear in every difficulty before inferno and then show up 100% of the time in inferno.

Maybe like:

25% Normal
50% Nightmare
75% Hell
100% Inferno

The grind from Normal to Inferno is already pretty rough and this would at least add a bit more randomness to it.
It would be a 1.09 patch which would only have a bug fix.

Would you passed it by, when you saw again : patch notes, then read : Key warden will not apear in normal/nightmare/hell difficulty, then : WTF, last patch had it already!

I really don't know what is going on in your office, but you should all download the lastest patch (1.08) and then work on additional content.
I can confirm A1 kw made an appearance in Normal MP10, public game, just last week when I was levelling my new wiz. No real problem killing him, but me & the other two players were all rather surprised to see him there.

I'm rather indifferent to this bug being fixed; as others have pointed out, there are much more important things that should be fixed first. Although it might make me think twice about levelling through Hell A4 at MP10 knowing that kw and his healing debuff and associated packs of elites might be lurking about.
Wait, they aren't supposed to spawn in normal? I was remaking my DH a while back and was messing around on act 1 norm mp10 when I ran into him. Didn't think that was out of the norm o_O Couldn't kill it though. Forced me to lower my MP.
never seen on beside inferno. i PLed myself about 18-20 toons. never seen it once in normal, NM or Hell.

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