Selling high end Witch Doctor gear.

Witch Doctor
All of this gear can be viewed on my Witch Doctor. Prices are negotiable. Feel free to add me in game Caligiuri#1199

Stone of Jordan
6% Lightning Damage 30% Bonus Elites 114 Max Mana
8 Second cool down Zombie Dogs
Zunimassa’s Marrow-670 Armor
190 Int.
190 Vit.
79 Resistance
+267 Armor
3 OS
Butcher’s Eater
1012.5 DPS
247 Min 343 Max
47% Damage
89% CHD
Mana Regen 8%
1 OS
Zunimassa’s Vision-364 Armor
285 Int
53 Vit
12% Life
5% Crit
1 OS
The Witching Hour-270 Armor
99 Int
93 Vit
51 Resistance
9% IAS
46% CHD
17% Extra Gold
The Stone of Jordan has sold! Thank you very much, all other gear still available, including the Butcher's Eater.
Zunimassa's Vision sold! Thank you!

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