Nice Zuni Vision for a very good price

Witch Doctor
Sellling my old Zuni helm - great stats at a nice price - check the AH and compare.

Armor 367
Int 272
Vit 82
Life 12%
Crit 5.5%
Max Mana 136

Price: 625mil
Too late - sold on AH for 700mil - you missed out on a good deal


I'll give you another chance at a nice deal - this time on a huge-Ehp Tal Amulet:

+5% Cold Damage
+226 Int
+256 Vit
+9.0% Crit Chance
+65% Crit Damage

Price: 550 mil

Don't miss this one too!
you make a good salesman :)

*Here's a free bump :P
you make a good salesman :)

Haha - thanks - unfortunately this ammy sold quickly on the AH for 650 so you guys make lousy bargain hunters :p


I'm gonna give you guys just *two* more chances to grab a nice deal - today it's rare RINGS:
Fate Salvation
71 Int
87 Vit
51 All Resist
6% Crit Chance
48% Crit Damage
socket (+58 topaz included)

Price: 825mil
Very nice combination of offense+defense without burdensome attack speed
Dream Demise
95 Vit
6% Attack Speed
5.5% Crit Chance
46% Crit Damage
2918 Health Globe
socket (+58 topaz included)

Price: 325mil
Basic dps trifecta with big chunk of bonus vit

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