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Fix the current one while you guys are at it.

Freezing pulse is unavoidable without using your escape mechanism. Make it so that it delays before it starts pulsing because if you don't use your escape mechanism, you're very likely to get hit at least twice.

Vortex: One of the most annoying affixes a pack could have aside from the late invulnerable minions. It does a lot of damage, it's unavoidable unless you get very far away and you cannot move immediately after you are sucked in

One final suggestion would be, affixes on purple. I am very sure that a few HC would have died to this. For example, a purple could have multiple affixes such as wall and sentry. If you stayed too close from the start and unaware. That's at least a few hours of your life gone.

Not trying to bash here, I am trying to help fix the game and I love it very much.
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07/30/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Grimiku

What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

Monsters should have immunities. I'm talking about white mobs all the way up. Not even sure why I'm even suggesting this as an actual idea. You think it would just go hand and hand with all the elemental damage people do, as well as balancing the classes op builds out. There, I made myself angry. I am obviously bitter towards monsters not having immunities. My question would be... Why would it be bad design to give some monsters immunities, but it is perfectly fine to have it completely based on how much health a monster has? I don't even see the benefit, it doesn't make sense. I am till this day, still wrapping my head around why you would choose not to.
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