This is why we've waited til 3 pm last 2 week

Here is a response to the blue post about the gold currency move to 50m/.25$ tomorrow:

[quote="95718158207"][quote]Just to put things in context, I'd estimate that I can farm around 600k/hour gold (and that's a very optimistic estimate). Since the minimum purchase I can make for gold is $1 (200 million), I now have a choice to make. I can spend one tiny little dollar (that I made while typing this reply since I'm technically still at work....shhhhh) OR I can farm like a madman for a bit over 333 hours.......

So basically, spend a dollar or farm for about 6 months.....yeah thanks blizzard for finishing up the job of completely destroying the economy of D3. Well done.


Something to think about while you're waiting for the maintenance to be finished-

You aren't playing right now because Blizzard is attempting to maintain the price of gold by inflating the price of ('their' [our] goods v. their gold) by 500% [read blue post].

1. They are decreasing the price of gold to 20% what it is now.
Decreases In-Game Value time by making gold worth nothing.
[ If you can't find an impossible drop gold is your other option. There is no simple decent items anymore. Further increase instability of price and devalue moderately good items.]

2. They are increasing maintenance time to better find ways of finding gold farmers who run gold selling websites.
[ This is to increase the price of gold (Yes whilst taking up the very few hours you'd have to farm it or items) ]

Yes those are two counter acting arguments. If this doesn't make sense then do not fear, this only means you can still draw logical conclusions.

The reasoning to do so is however quite blatant..

This increases RMAH sales for a limited time. This is almost a liquidation sale type event of sorts. One could venture to say that Blizzard has little faith in the continuation of this game. This should come as a huge shock to all those players that use the AH (any one with decent gear) as the player base drastically shrunk the last couple weeks [allegations of the ban wave; Personally I would say 99% by choice]

Gamers do not forget.

( In all honesty, I don't care that this would all be immoral and illegal to do in real life. I don't even really care that this means the AH is worthless, but you can still sell items for money Once Upon a Time What I don't like is waiting for ten hours for a company to devalue their own legacy product just to squeeze the last drop of real gold out of it-- especially while in the top 3 of the most profitable gaming companies in the world )

.... and the lag.
the lag

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