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I love trying out new builds that the community posts. I recently came across the CoB thread ( and I put on this build:!eca!YYZcZc

I admittedly am not used to being up close and in all the fights, but one thing I noticed immediately - mana issues. There were times where I completely ran out of mana and I just stood there like a derp (I had already used Spirit Walk). To me, it feels like Cloud of Bats has a very high mana cost and enemies don't stay around long enough for me to channel it - I hit a few, they scatter, I chase them down, hit CoB, they run, I chase, hit CoB - oh wait I can't, I have no mana.

Please note that I play entirely in public games - the last time I solo'd was months ago. 9 times out of 10 I have a group where a Barb likes to run through things and everything is half dead when I finally get to it and scattered around the map.

What kind of advice do you have? I would really like to learn this build in case I ever want to go back to it but I can't get over the mana issues. Thank you.

EDIT: Important to note that I do have a Skorn sitting in my bank.
They key to it is that you have to maximize your impact on enemies, drag them nearer or use a skill like locust to bring them to you. Also with going the one hander way, BR isn't enough to keep mana running. GI is a must, and will keep you mostly full. I run Blood Ritual, Grave Injustice, and Gruesome Feast and I never really have mana problems and that is with a mojo with no mana boost. With your current mojo you should have no mana problems as long as you aren't constantly resetting your CoB stance. CoB has a huge cost right up front and then a much less demand on mana after. So if you keep moving around and casting you can oom real fast.

Also CoB has no problem with groups as long as you are positioning well, especially if you can get a monk to suck them all in for you. A lot of monks are more than willing cause it makes for some very fast killing.
Here is the build I have been using.!cTY!caZZYb

It took me some time and practice to get down the timing, but essentially you would want to
go to any grouping, shoot off a locust, and just wait for the enemies to swarm to you.
I can sustain CoB for quite some time and Siphon helps with the life and BR.
When I do get low, I back off and use SW. I feel like in a party setting CoB is something that
takes practice. Also, when you get those massive swarms and everyone including you is just melting everything, makes for awesome exp bonus.
I like to think of my build as aggro, buff, melt. Rinse and repeat.
I can only say, get yourself ready for MP10. The public games there are quite different, and the whole group needs some teamwork and lots of damage. That's where the build really shines. Also, for your numerous public games, it will be a natural tendency to "add to list of friends" the players who are more co-operative. Once this list fills up ( > 30 names), you can easily set up a group of 4 anytime you're online. You'll get better exp, better teamwork, efficient and effective runs.

Those inconsiderate players you mentioned, just ignore them. Everyone does that. These players are always stuck where they are (MP level, gear level), none of the efficient MP10 groups want to enlist them, none of the top players want to team with them. Let them be. They will no longer be around the game in 1-2 months time, being bored and lonely.

The recent on-going competition among all classes and servers is the proof of WD CoB popularity among top players. Every team has at least 1 WD, CoB being the damage skill for efficient kill times.

08/01/2013 08:22 PMPosted by WilsonKhoo
Personal stand, CoB is a very anti-party skill which requires people to defer to your standing position.

If you play effectively, the team naturally comes to you, or you with the team. Everybody wants to complete the same run in half the time or less, so it's a common goal. The point man is usually a TR-Monk, Teleport-Wiz, or Sprint-Barb, but trust me, they do want you right there with them. The point man's job is to seek out the elites and group up hordes of mobs, your job is to kill very fast upon arrival.

To be honest, if we're in a group, and you're always far behind stopping for every 3 to 5 mobs, I'll be moving on with the other 2 players and the team will leave you behind. Typically for high density areas and exp farming, mob groups are 10-20 in size, and the fight lasts about 3-5 secs before moving on to the next big group. For elite hunting, everyone uses their different skills to just avoid the trash, or wait in town for the point man to find an elite then jump on his flag.

In all my hours of using CoB, I've never had people saying CoB is anti-party style of playing.
08/01/2013 11:54 PMPosted by WilsonKhoo
Problem is there are tons of EF monks/barbs, and I've seen more bell monks lately,

That's true. Put yourself in their shoes.
Barb - sprint super fast, ww or hota, move on.
Monk - "nirvana bells" cycle every 13-15 secs, whole area of mobs get cleared within 3 secs. There are even monks that can 1-shot trash mobs at MP10 using bells in solo play.

Why would such players need any help from the party? I don't understand why they are there to begin with. The motivation for group play at MP10, is the efficiency of group synergy, and the huge exp bonus for paragon levelling.

I seldom see EF Barbs or Bell Monks at MP10 - many, many players will not group with them a 2nd time, so they either solo, or they get the hint. Myself, I use an EF for my Monk, but I spam Cyclone Strike to pull in all the mobs, and I provide the party with 68% damage buff.

Group play is definitely the way to go, just need to find some co-operative friends and you're good to go, whichever MP level you and your friends are suitable for.

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