Most Useless Rune, or Skill

Witch Doctor
Whats the most useless, ridiculous rune or skill in your opinion. Explain why and offer a suggestion.

Wall of Zombies - Creepers rune. Without the rune it does 800%wep dmg over 5 secs, with the Creepers rune the dmg is now 25% per zombie? there's 3 zombies, so its 75% total?? plus a 20 sec cooldown? its a debuff rune in my opinion.

They can at least make each zombie explode into some % AOE poison dmg ....

Hopefully THE MOST USELESS, based on your cumulative posts gets some attention from the DEVs.
i'm pretty sure that rune also puts up the zombie wall and has three extra creepers that do additional damage. it still does the 800% from the wall but does the 25 additional for each creeper. I could be wrong though.

I think the pileon rune from wall of zombies needs work. to put together that set, it cost me 40k dps, and a fair bit of ehp and the area of effect for that rune is so small and it often very hard to hit enemies that are right next to you. as it is its pretty much a single enemy skill that requires you to give up so much that spirit barrage wos is a much better alternative as it has better range and dammage as you dont have to give up your dps to get a full 0 pileon build.
@HardCopy, you are right but creepers still looks so lame.

Another worthless skill rune I find is Plague of Toads - Toad Affinity, the spell itself is only worth 12 mana, unless your WD is totally naked you have no use for the rune.
Every Zombie Charger rune that doesn't have a bear in it.
I have to say toad of hugeness...Just simply sucks!
mmm where to start, there is so many crap spells.
I may sound like a big QQer but I think that after 7years of development the developper released the game with a bunch of extremly boring runes. I'm not aiming the underpowerness specifically. (which can be fixed with a simple dmg buff), I'm talking about the overall design and the spell/rune.

Basically i complain about "2-3 runes doing the same thing per spell" "few runes doing anything interesting beside number tuning on various aspects as cost, cooldown, damage"

Poison Dart: Flaming Dart
Same thing as Splinter except u proc less things.
It would have been nice to have a rune that apply a dot that increase over time as you keep shooting. Some kind of "single target high dps" rune. But no, we have 2 runes doing 180% damage. Just one fire one poison.

Grasp of Dead: Rain of Corps / Groping Eels
They both do the same thing, increase the damage. Just that one has worms and the other has falling dead dudes. The 3 other runes being already quite "boring" imo (as they do not add anything interesting to the spell... except the 80% slow maybe). This spell simply seems to have no real interesting runes. We could have had something cool like a 3 root (without the slow) or a 100% radius increase.

Corps Spider
Spider Queen, no comment, 630% over 15 SEC OMG 15 !&@#@ING SEC. Not to mention we can't have more than one. Also IMO it would have been so much cooler if the spider would have actually been a pet that shoot lil spiders.
Blazing Spider, mostly the same as leaping in less good.

Zombie Dog
Final Gift: (When I saw the name for the first time I thought that they'd explode... lol no they "may.... maybe..." give u a globe... lol
Rabid + Burning Dogs: Doesn't make the dog do any real damage. Mostly cosmetical
Leeching Beast: Watch out... 50% life steal from 3 puppies doing 9%.... Holy Cow. I can't hold myself.
We couldn't have had a 4-5 dogs summoning rune?

Firebats: - Hungry Bats
A spirit barrage with lower range, more damage but that makes you stand still...

Horrify - Stalker and Ruthless Terror

Soul Harvest:
Swallow your Soul: 40mana per ennemie... so roughly 300mana each time you go refresh the stacks. (that you usually refresh when entering combat when your blue bar is full)
Vengeful spirit.

Plague of Toads
Adling Toads + Toad Affinity

Haunt - (the spell itself needs some huge damage buff)
Consuming Spirit - Not enough life 1000hp when we run around with 30-60k is a joke. It should be 1-2% of our max hp.

Resentful Spirit: Goes against the basic idea of Haunt... not even talking about the hawkward gameplay it involves... Haunt 1-2spell Haunt 1-2 spells Haunt...

Grasping Spirit: 30% ?

Lingering spirit: Does not stack and is bugged anyway.

Zombie Charger: All but bears... basically "140mana for a melee spell that deal +-230%"

Gargatuan: Wrathful Protector: like Restless giant except that you only have him for 15sec.
big stinker: terrible and useless damage boost. They should have make that the cloud reduce ennemies damage or that it increases their damage taken.

Locust Swarm: Cloude, Diseased, Searing

Firebomb: Roll, Firepit, Pyrogeist

Hex: Painfull Transformation, Unstable Form

Acid Cloud: Slow burn, Kiss of Death, Corps bomb (too bad they have cool visuals)

Mass Hallucination

Wall of Zombies: Creepers. (It could become a really cool rune though if they'd increase the amount of creepers to 10-12 with an increased damage to 50% it would be interesting.

Dead Rush: Too random, a bit like arcane torrent except that it has 20sec CD.

Fetish Army: Daguer, Archer.
I don't think I've had Toad of Hugeness used for more than 3 minutes before I switched it out and never looked back.
UGGGH Toad of hugeness, what about Toad of Affinity, another ewww.

I think they should revamp Toads skill in general.
for me it has to be toad affinity rune and creepers rune.

Toad of hugeness imo can "somewhat" be useful... run it with hex and maybe... gotd?
It may be good for the doctors that are just new or just rolled a wd... for "disabling" elite packs and/or champs. but for end game it's no no. :(

was hoping toad of hugeness can be used on pvp. lol

@manananggal : add mo ako! :p
but what about the random stat of REDUCE RESOURCE COST OF FIREBOMB BY X MANA?

oh yes i usually go oom when using fire bomb the mana cost of 10 is too much for an ordinary WD to handle..

@op, madami din katangahan pinag gagawa nitong mga "developers" natin eh..
I was an Acid Cloud user until Corpse Bomb..... another rune we wait forever to get that fails...

Regular Acid Cloud 115% up front damage and 150% over 3 sec. (50% per sec) for 265% weapon damage. WITH stacking proc rates. Lob Blob and Slow burn increase this number to 365%(over 5 sec) and 415%(over 6 sec) respectively. Kiss of Death needs some help too but let's focus on Corpse bomb for now.

Corpse bomb 230% up front damage for 172 mana.

With the other runes you can cast once or twice to poison the ground around yourself then you can spam SB-WoS or ZB for big damage on top of the dot.

Corpse bomb is set up to make Acid cloud move from support to our primary source of damage.
But it is seriously lacking in the damage to mana spent ratio.

What would you choose?

230% damage for 172 mana

3 bears at 236% a piece for 140 mana
Plague of Toads - Toad Affinity
It seems like the creator of the skill was just messing around and forgot it was there. This is useless and there needs to be a change.
Many of the runes on your list are useful. Best example would be Slow Burn, it is superior to Acid Rain in Proctor Builds.

But yeah we talked a lot about such skills here, and got a Blizz response:

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