10% IAS DML for RF?

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I have a 20/10 DML with 7 max disc and HA dmg as the skill bonus. I just found the 10/9.5 one with 8 RFCC. I can channel RF with the 10IAS one for almost 16 seconds full-->empty while the 20IAS one is less than 11 seconds full-->empty. Are low IAS DMLs actually better for RF if you are using a 1H set up? Or does punishment just nullify that?
Yes, low attack speed is better for RF build. Burn your hatre slower.
If you're running RF with Calamity you really should get hatred on your chest.
There is no difference between 10% ASI and 20% ASI on a quiver when using Rapid Fire unless that 10% difference reaches you to a breakpoint.
08/05/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Iria
There is no difference between 10% ASI and 20% ASI on a quiver when using Rapid Fire unless that 10% difference reaches you to a breakpoint.

^ This and

the truth is that RF is better at higher aps, not lower, the damage output scales with your dps at each break point. So the more hatred you use the more damage you can do. To build a good RF build you need to see and find a balance between aps and hatred drain.

I like to play at 2.01 break point
you use up roughly 12 Hatred per second
but you gain 4 Hatred by default ~= 105/8 = 13.125 + 1 ~= 14 sec
dml adds +1~ and if you got a bat that is +3
so you lose only 4 Hatred per second ~= 105/4 = 26.25 + 1 ~= 27 sec
This is enough time for you to gain 25 discipline for punishment and reload and have unlimited RF channeling.
It's also kind of funny to use a Calamity and then gear for low attack speed. May as well use a Manticore. Gear for break points, using fire support those break points are 2.5, then the next breakpoint is 3.3. So using fire support you're probably going to want to be at that 2.5 breakpoint. You can go for the lower breakpoint, but if that's your goal then switch to a Manticore.
You should use manticore if you gear for slower breakpoint,
I have average AS (for a calamity) of 2.57, and really don't have many problems with hatred. I do run out occasionally, but usually only if fighting elites in a group with others not pulling their weight. If I do run out, a couple of bola shots and it is filled right back up in no time.
I agree with Rukkian. If you run out, fill back up, depending on how many mobs, it could potentially take you 2-5 seconds. It's not that big of a deal, especially when you are firing nearly 3 Bola-Thunderball shots every second.

Having Calamity also gives you the oppurtunity not to have IAS on some gear. I was able to get more DPS out of CD for say gloves for example. I'm still working on Tri-Gear, but I'm not to worried about it and can wait now, considering I don't need to aim for IAS break points.

In the end, I wouldn't worry about how long you can RF(sack some IAS if it's better Damage.) Reposition/move around, shoot Hungering/Bola until you fill up, and lay the RF down again. I don't even wait untill my Hatred is full if I think I can kill whatever with the resources I have.
Ah, that explains why my hatred drained so much faster with the 20 IAS dml. I have 2.552 APS with my 20 IAS DML and 2.376 with my 10 IAS dml. Hit a BP. Thanks!
Havimg hatred on cloak helps a bit too ^.^

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