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budget: ~1b

I specifically want to use bombardment rune. I know I'm painfully short of the 2.0whatever breakpoint but I feel like I'd have to replace a lot of !@#$ so I was thinking of sticking to 1.81 breakpoint and pulling the following maneuver to drop the wasted WH ias and increase my ehp which I feel is kinda lacking:

Switch chest to high vit nats
Switch belt to inna's
Get a crit mempo (was poor when I geared this hero or I'd have one already)+

I know my gloves are !@#$ty, crafted thousands
I know my amu is %^-*ty, crafted hundreds. this one come from accidentally crafting an inventory full of vit amus instead dex. also scared to drop it because I need the hp.

^should I just buy some decent gloves/neck instead of hoping beyond hope that I craft upgrades?

I would like to know what you think :>

thx, peace & love
Dear Sir Nyan.


I am about to do a full shift from my monk to DH, and it does look like RF is going to be my selected build. At the moment, I'm planning on transferring most of my monk's stuff onto my dh, plus a budget of about 250 - 500ish mil for a weapon and quiver (I've got a manti and DML on my DH at the moment, budget items that if you deem unworthy shalt be changed), and changes in any other slot that you feel could and should be changed.

Mostly going to be doing party runs in mp10 with a barb, sometimes with a wiz, but I do get antisocial at times so it would be nice to be mp10 solo-able. I'm happy to run with either a manti or calamity, that I leave in your capable hands.

I look forward to your response, and here's my hug (%^^)/

Nivre - the soon to be DH.

Edit: For some reason part of my post got cut off - I've asked around before and got advice regarding gear combi such as an 11 ias manti + 19 ias DML and all, but I'm still quite confused about it as I'm not sure how these "general guidelines" interact with my existing gear.

The person that told you to get 11 ias manticore + 19 ias DML was me. Hai (>^^)>


That is a very cute picture. Made me hug someone today too.

@GumpTruck, Offend, Axxegrinder

Ill start gearing now.
I thought it was... Haha. Your hug's too pointy.
I'm just looking for suggestions for a helm for my male DH.
I need a socket for %life.

I'm building it as a speed-tank-RF DH.
I found the Inquisitor and Shield and i'm just starting to play with the shield.
Besides, they look kick-butt together.

Yes, i know, replace the Mara with an RF one....

1. Budget: 90m (EU)
3. Here is link to crappy DH: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kae-2464/hero/31187663
4. I'm open to using any runes, whatever is suitable with my gear after investment.

Thanks for you help,

At this point, it will be very hard to upgrade you. Simply getting stats of the same of what you already have is the only thing I can say.

Bracers, shoulders, and witching hour is the only noticable upgrade I see possible at the moment (which also will still be expensive).

I notice though that your hp is a bit low. This could be due to paragon levels though.

@Axxegrinder, Gumptruck, boygenius, kae

Im done but I gotta wait till I come home for typing. ETA 4-5 hours


Can give me a link to your profile w/ gear or a d3up.com link to a snapshot of your gear at the time. I remember when I posted a lil while ago on your thread that all you needed was a 19 ias quiver, 11 ias manticore and stone of jordan. I need to verify by actually looking at ur gear :P

@ DogBane

What is your budget? Your also seems rather...strange. More strange than chizzle's gear. Reply with a budget please ^.^

I can of course help you gear for what you want to do.

I'm very low on the budget ladder. I haven't found anything that sold for >1M.
(and I don't do RMAH).
So, my budget is <5M for just the helm.
(i'll be upgrading gems as I go)

Right now, I'm just looking for ideas.
I have some known requirements for the helm (socket, dex, AR if possible) but I don't know if a particular set piece would be more suited than just a good-old-yellow rare helm.

As far as 'strange'. Yes. I know.
(I don't plan on doing MP10 anytime soon....)
If I could replace the calamity with a very high DPS sword, I would. (at least to try it out...)

Keep in mind when purchasing things off the AH, 'cheap' items are best to be purchased via bidding. You potentially save yourself a lot of money instead of purchasing through buyout because 'cheap' items are generally used for 'quick' sells/buy and expensive items people take their time to buy.

Last month I was able to bid on an item that had a perfect star topaz, and won the bid for 2m. The gem itself is worth like 6-7m lol xD

@GumpTruck <(^^<)

You have a good start overall. Some things I noticed is :

- No max discipline
- Low vit

First thing I would do :

Get a badass 2 socket manticore with ~1300+ dps. Reserve about a 300m budget for this. Ignore the dex on the manticore and get the high damage once (because ur dex is actually good already).

Ideal stats generally is 40+ weapon damage, 80+ crit damage. Here are some hints

11 ias vs 10 ias?
Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Keep in mind that crit damage is also very important when purchasing a manticore. The ideal manticore has high weapon damage and crit damage. Of course these generally cost more unless you find a good deal.

- 230+ dex/vit vile wards with pick up radius. Simply easiest slot to put on pick up radius and good overall tanky shoulders.

- Inna's temperance with 140+ vitality. 8 ias is fine.

- Natalya's bloody footprints with 220+ dex/vit. Optional upgrade but its there.

- Natalya's embrace with 200+ vit/150+ dex. Simply because you need more vitality.

- Stone of jordan with rapid fire crit chance bonus. Usually I'm always all out for this, but this time I'm a bit worried because your crit damage is low due to your amulet. Which then comes....

- If possible, try to upgrade your amulet. With a 10 ias manticore, you need at least 6 ias on the amulet. Otherwise 5 ias is fine. Aim for 85+ crit damage/7+ crit chance. This is probably gonna be really expensive....

Keep in mind that you can get a lot of crit chance to rapid fire on the stone of jordan, and quiver. So crit damage is very important to stimulate the damage. Of course you need crit chance like anything else, but crit damage takes a much higher priority now. With a stone of jordan + inna's favor combo, you need to maximize your crit damage on your ring, gloves, amulet and weapon.

Overall when your doing upgrades, check your total ias. Make sure you follow this.

11 ias manticore -> 49 minimum ias
10 ias manticore -> 51 minimum ias

@offend <(^^<)

Ya pretty much just gonna repeat what I said. Try to get more stats out of your shoulders, bracers and witching hour. Of course I could say just get more stats out of all your items ^.^ but those are the ones you can focus a bit more on.

Your hp is low most likely due to the paragon levels. You can try to swap to a 170+ vitality inna's temperance w/ 9 ias if you really wish to do so, and swap to your dps pants at a higher paragon level.

Most upgrades for you will be very expensive (note that I'm poor so expensive is relative).

@Axxegrinder <(^^<)

Interesting that your aiming for super attack speed lol. Your going to be my first experiment (since I haven't actually tried this before, but in theory will work).

I'm going to make you a full natalya's DH w/ 2.0001 aps breakpoint. Reason being is that your rare ring is a decent trifecta already with 9 ias. This is a perfect make up for the ias in the helm slot.

I'm going to do the weapon last because I want to make sure the rest of the gear is fine (unless you have a higher budget).

- Inna's temperance with 110+ vitality and 9 ias. You can do something like this to find the right pants. Search as all armors.

vitality -> 100
attack speed -> 9
crit chance -> blank
socket -> 2

- Natalya's embrace with 190+ vit and a useful property. I saw this on the AH for 500k.


- Natayla's sight with crit chance and all resist. You could get the higher dex/vit version but these are generally more expensive. I saw this on the AH for 3m


- Natalya's bloody footprints with 170+ dex/vit. This should be easy to find. Try to aim for a higher vitality roll.

- Vile wards with 201+ dex/vit. No need for pick up radius for now. Wait till you have a higher budget.

- Trifecta gloves with at least 8 ias. Search the AH as the following:

dex -> 100+
attack speed -> 8+
crit damage -> 40+
crit chance -> blank

This should cost you at most 10m.

- Try crafting amulets! If your unlucky, you should search for a new amulet! Stats to aim for:

dex -> 100+
crit damage -> 80+
crit chance -> 7+

This should cost you at most 10m. There are also stat variables such as average damage, socket and of course eHP rolls.

- Try crafting bracers! If your unlucky, you can get 201+ dex/vit strongarm bracers for now. Your current bracers are sex for a WD, but not so sex for a DH :(

- Deadman's legacy with 20 ias. If your gloves are 9 ias, your deadman's legacy can have 19 ias instead. It should have bonus to rapid fire chance with the quiver along with a useful property roll. I saw this on AH for 8.6m


and this for 2m


- Lastly get a manticore with whatever money you have left (assuming you reached this point). Your 2 socket manticore must have weapon damage, and have 11 ias. Ideal stats are high crit damage, weapon damage, and min/max damage. Weapon damage is very strong with a ruby (a general idea is given in this post for GumpTruck).

with a 11 ias manticore, you should have a total of 64 ias on your gear.

8 ias gloves
9 ias inna's
9 ias nat reflect
9 ias mempo
9 ias witching hour
20 ias quiver


9 ias gloves
9 ias inna's
9 ias nat reflect
9 ias mempo
9 ias witching hour
19 ias quiver


@Boygenius <(^^<)

When purchase a manticore, make sure that it has weapon damage. Weapon damage heavily effects any additional damage modifiers you add. Now you know what's coming...

- Get a 2 socket manticore with 40+ weapon damage, and good crit damage. No need to aim for a dex version, just go straight all out dps. Set about a 400m budget for this. I saw this on the AH for 400m.


To be honest, that's a very good deal.

- Get a 9 ias dex mempo of twilight with crit chance. You can search for this on the AH by searching as all armors.

crit chance -> blank
dexterity -> 170
attack speed -> 9
all resist -> blank
has socket -> blank

The reason why I'm suggesting this, is because you won't replace this slot until you have like 5 beez. The difference from 3.5 crit chance to 5 crit chance is going from 250m to 950m. So stick with the lower crit chance versions.

- Get 9 ias witching hour with (hopefully) decent crit damage. You should try (if possible) to get a pick up radius roll on this slot. All resist is also really nice if you can get that too (since there are very limit slots to get all resist believe it or not).

- Stone of jordan with bonus to rapid fire crit chance is optional since your unity is pretty good. I expect your dps to be actually fairly decent so a stone of jordan would actually be really awesome to get (and you get max discipline!). You notice a huge difference with max discipline so I recommend to try it out.

- You can keep the amulet you have for now. It's not bad but the crit damage is very low which I don't like. Keep crafting those dex amulets! Try to get a high crit damage/decent crit chance roll.

Ideally you want an amulet similar to the one on my p100 DH


The all resist roll was a fluke :D

If all else fails, you can always try to purchase an amulet from the AH. But imo, crafting is the best option because this is the only slot you have which requires 'crafting attention'.

- Once you actually craft a decent amulet, now you need to make up that lost in vitality. Get a inna's vast expanse with 250+ vitality. Try to be less picky on the dex for this slot.

- Natalya's bloody footprints with 220+ dex/vitality. This is an optional for a dex increase but its there. It maybe hard to find boots with same vitality as the boots you currently have.

- Deadman's legacy with 20 ias and rapid fire crit chance. Try to look for decent stats! This can be very expensive!

I saw this on the AH for 40m


And this one for 55m.


Notice the 2nd one has higher crit chance to RF and a 76 armor str roll (armor). So I would personally choose the 2nd one even though the dex is under 200.

Note that the total ias on your gear with a 11 ias manticore should add up to 64 ias

8 ias gloves
9 ias inna's
9 ias nat reflect
9 ias mempo
9 ias witching hour
20 ias quiver


@kae <(^^<)

LOL LEGACY WITCHING HOUR!!! Ahhh that's good lol. For this budget, it maybe better to aim for a natalya's set.

- Get a 1 socket manticore with 170+ dex. Set a 10m budget for this. Save up another 100m to purchase a new weapon later on.

- Get a 9 ias natayla's reflection w/ crit damage (and at least useful property)

- Get a 110+ vitality inna's temperance. Must have 9 ias. You can search as all armors.

vitality -> 100
attack speed -> 9
crit chance -> blank
socket -> 2

- Get inna's favor with 120+ dex/vitality.

- Craft bracers. If that fails, get strongarm bracers with 201+ dex/vitality.

- Natalya's embrace with 190+ vit and a useful property. I saw this on the AH for 500k.


- Natayla's sight with crit chance and all resist. You could get the higher dex/vit version but these are generally more expensive. I saw this on the AH for 3m


- Try to get similar gloves what you have, but with more crit damage and possibly more dex.

- Your amulet needs more crit chance/crit damage. Try to aim for at least 80 crit damage.

- Get a dex litany of the undaunted with crit damage. This is for tankiness and decent dps. Please get a dex version. Someone messed up once and get an int version LOL.

- 20 ias deadman's legacy with rapid fire crit chance. and useful properties. I viewed your updated semi-naked profile and you got a decent DML already so you can leave it the way it is.


@DogBone <(^^<)

Of course the poor man crafts godly shoulders. xD

I'll help you out in game to get you some decent gear going! I rarely do this ^.^
u are a superhero <3333
u are a superhero <3333

SuperNyan to the rescue!
Dear Sir Nyan.

DH should be wearing my gear on my profile now, but in case it doesn't show:



(%^^)/ << a non pointy hug.
Heya Nyan, I've been watching your insane DPS videos on youtube and reading about your snapshot techniques on your threads. I wanted to ask you if you'd be kind enough to give me some advice on how to achieve your level of damage. I believe my dps is pretty good atm, hitting for 450~600k RF Bombs, but nowhere near 900k~1.5mil you were hitting for. I apologize for the trouble but I found your snapshot thread hard to understand, are you switching out the gear once you start channeling RF to SOJ? I would truly appreciate any advice and tips I can get for my gear and techniques. Thank you and you rock Nyan!
Many Thank to Nyan!!!!

The 100k DPS (unbuffed) Shield DH!


I purposely made my snapshot thread hard to understand because I didn't really want people to do it, unless they truly really want to 'super optimize' their rapid fire. I kind of gave away exactly why it works here


Basically stack as much crit damage/dex/damage/ias as possible w/ SoJ, then switch to crit chance gear while channelling rapid fire. There are some complications but that's pretty much it if you want to sum it up.

My videos are buffed from the team btw, so the damage is actually higher than it should be. I am also using archery, cull the weak, steady aim, and mark for death.
I gotcha, it all makes sense now! I appreciate the explanation, it's quite a work for that sort of damage to happen^^ Do you mind providing some help on how to maximize my RF Bombardment build with the gear setup I have currently? I feel like it's getting ridiculously expensive to improve my stats at this point and it would be greatly appreciated if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you once again!

Edit- My profile isn't reflecting the ring I use for DPS (Currently using HF ring for leveling), it has some AVG damage, 74 dex and 9%AS, 46%CD, and 4%CC that puts me around 460k atm, without SOJ of course..
Hey Nyan.

Ive been playing barb quite a while till i got bored of just spinning, spinning and then some more lol.

Thing is im having a blast with the DH but im not sure if this build revolves around breakpoints (i think it does from what i read) so im not sure if im missing one slot of IAS for example or some attribute which maybe doesnt reflect on paper but it does in game. I would really appreciate any advice to improve him. About my budget i guess that i dont want to expend huge gold on him considering that i hadnt had much luck in my playtime with loot...maybe around 10-20 mil ...it could be more but i dont know if its worthy having a piece of 30kk and the rest of 1kk...i know little of this char theory tbh...i just want to have good synergy between the skills and the equipment if that is possible

Thank you and (>^^)>
Hello, I would like your assistance with gearing. As you can see with my low health, I have no idea what I am doing. Please lend me your knowledge I desperately crave.
1. My budget is 120,000,000
2. *I open up my arms and welcome your body with a warm, soft hug. While I am hugging you, I put my head on your right shoulder and sniff your hair. You feel awkward, yet it feels so right, so you let it happen. (>^^)> After a minute has passed I let go and we part ways.
3. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Esanthus-1744/hero/36576657
4. Uhh all I know is that I really want to use calamit, but I am open to suggestions...
With the announcement of the AH being removed from the game, I have no idea what the heck gold prices will be now.


I thought you had 9 ias trifecta gloves? Maybe nyan is crazy <(^^<)

1. Get a super badass 2 socket manticore with high weapon damage, crit damage, and dps (ignore dex). Ideal stats are

45+ weapon damage
85+ crit damage
1300+ dps

Make sure you get the one with the highest min/max damage! This will be important! Put a marquise ruby in this and a radiant star emerald+.

2. Get a 15+ ias quiver with 250+ vit/251+ dex and high rapid fire crit chance. I prefer to have extra vit on the quiver because it helps tanking a lot! And your paragon level is low too!

3. Try to get more crit damage on your amulet/gloves! Tbh its a bit low.

4. Get 220+ dex/vit natalya's bloody footprints.

5. Get a rapid fire stone of jordan with 27+ bonus vs elites, 6+ rapid fire crit chance.

@Mizerab1e <(^^<)

You only need 2.001 aps (66% ias on gear). You are 12 ias above that. Consider doing the following :

1. Craft bracers. You can try to get the ones similar to my p100 DH as this will greatly increase your eHP and dex potential!


2. Replacing your rare ring with a stone of jordan for max discipline and huge bonus vs elites. Get one with rapid fire crit chance! (same with your quiver, your main dps comes from RF, but I'll ignore that for now)

3. Get trifecta gloves with high crit damage, decent crit chance, high dex (hopefully). The trifecta can be 5 ias or 9 ias. The difference in ias makes no difference to your eDPS as long as its there (we need 5 ias to get to the breakpoint since the ias from the ring and bracers have been removed).

Getting rid of the bracers has 130+ more dex potential along with eHP.
Getting rid of the rare ring for SoJ gives you max discipline, takes advantage of the bonus vs elites, and gives RF crit chance which is heavily stimulated by the crit damage on the rest of your gear (also can get on the quiver).
Getting rid of your gloves for ones with ias can result in lower dex, crit chance, or cd for the same prices. However keep in mind that the potential of stats for gloves is still the same, so its actually not as bad as it seems (unlike the lacuni prowlers which has a 200 dex cap and limited random properties)

5 ias gloves
9 ias WH
8 ias inna's
8 ias mempo
9 ias amulet
8 ias nat ring
19 ias quiver

this nets a total of 66% ias on your gear. With 10 ias manticore, this results over the 2.0001 aps breakpoint.

I hope this makes sense!

@Kvothe, Esanthus

I'll gear ya tomorrow in 30 hours from now~
Sir Nyan is not crazy. Nivre wore wrong gloves. Nivre does has 9 IAS trifecta, but gives less EHP ( no all res). Does having 9 IAS gloves change anything? Is it to make the next breakpoint?

Edit: So I've been looking up breakpoints, with the 9 IAS extra on the gloves, should I be gunning for the 2.00001 breakpoint?

Edit 2: I was wondering what Sir Nyan's opinion of bombardment with a Calamity was?

Ty kind sir, here's a ¯\(°_o)/¯ << Twitchy hug.

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