Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

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everyone else gave a reason for entering so heres mine!

i just getting back into d3 not to long ago, liking alot of the changes so far. Seeing this wizard build in action reminded me alot of d2 1.08 / 1.09 nova sorc :P. The sorc was my fav char in that game, and sadly i have never really thought d3 wizard could match up to what i loved so much about it. Specially because i dont think teleport will ever equate to how it worked in that game lol. but This build has me intrigued and i would really love to play around with it.

lol... no intro needed but I do miss unlimited teleport with FCR through walls and whatever else.

10/04/2013 07:30 AMPosted by StrongBadder
Just wanted to say thanks again Mr.Duma for the Nat's Ring. I managed to find a cheap pair of Nat's boots last night to get the cc bonus.

No problems, mate! Enjoy the boost in your CC!
Hey hey!
Just withdraw my name for the sets too!. I been chopping away getting pieces and I believe theres people who would need it more then me, also im enjoying slowly upgrading.
I'd like to add my name to the contest too please! thanks.
im going to have to redraw from this contest, i did not read the rules, and cannot qualify :P i got a barb that is paragon 45 :P

also i just ran across a good amount of gold and plan on doing 100mil budget for said wizard :P
Thanks for your guide, it works well and is very gold efficient. I shall propably spend somewhat more then you suggest(like I spend 500k on Chantodo's Will so I could get 980DPS + socket).

Still have a lot to upgrade but all I shall remove from him shall go to a new WD I shall level after this wiz is done.
I whould love it if you can give me a set. thanks
This is my 1st post in awhile hahaha. Can help giving advice on what are the things that i could look at to upgrade? I'm not too good with numbers and stuff. Don't have much of a budget too, only about 5mil.

Though if i'm eligible, i don't mind having a set from this contest too :x
Just made quite possibly my best sub 1M gold build yet.

Got this for around 750K gold total:
Awesome thread. This is really helpful to my new level 60 wizard. :D
Will start building a new give away set soon... this time I'll wait for the first three people to inquire into the free set then I'll choose one of the three. It's taking too long per give away I think.
Hey Duma...i had one set to give to you from gear I had laying around.

However, I'm also making a video about how to gear an MP5 wiz for 15M in 10 minutes. I recorded it last night and F'ed it up. Wasn't happy with it. Screwed a few things up and it took more than 10 minutes. Doesn't look good if I say I can do it in 10 minutes and it takes more than that, lol! So, I now have a second set.

And, I'll be trying again to record again tonight. So, that'll be a third set, lol. I'll probably try to keep one set for myself when I release the video..as a giveaway. But You can have the rest to giveaway.
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Sounds good.

I'm sorta over the whole "keeping within the 1.5m" constraint thing.

If it's a full set, I'll advertise it as "PieHole's 10 minute give away set" for the first one... then "PieHole's 15 minute give away set" for the second :p
Yeah...1.5M. My sets are definitely worth more than that. I just don't have the time/patience/desire to sell off all this low level stuff (that I've accumulated for a variety of reasons) for 1M or 500k or whatever. My inventory is full and I need to get rid of stuff, lol. I'll try to catch you ingame to dump some stuff off....so I have room to fill with more stuff!

Diablo III Wizard MVP | My street cred is limited to the friendly confines of the wiz forum
CM/SNS Wizard Guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771 ......Danger:
SNS Video Guide: http://youtu.be/c_e8LM7WRR0 ............Please do not feed the trolls!
I actually have very very little space in my stash as well lol

Maybe my friendly neighbourhood Amos can hang onto it... I know he has heaps of space in his stash... enough to draw hearts with potions to Jen.
Really good reading, this here. Thank you for the info! No chance you do this in eu? I have a friend that's thinking of going CM/WW-permafreeze (etc) with his sub-paragon(30) wizard over here and would very dearly be in need of some good gear to get started.. Yes? That'd be really awesome! Thx! I just started my wiz, so I'll be paragoning in a few weeks from now... :D
I don't have anything up over at EU, sorry.
Yeah mate i gots loads of stash room, well 2 tabs basically i keep one for mats, i can hold on to a few sets while we round up folks for give aways, just let me know when you want me online since we are same time zone it's easy for us to sync.

If you catch me in game thats cool but a post up a thread and i'll see it as i check here every day a few times a day but not always able to be in game.
gonna try this 2 mil guide over the weekend :) wish I had found this before I wasted 2 of my 4 mil.
hahaha thought it was Boozor for a second there.

This build is exceptional for the price. It really is a silly idea but it works so well.

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