Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

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09/02/2013 03:49 AMPosted by Adecoy95
no idea how your able to farm 4-5 on that budget, i had (before i spent it a while ago) 20 million to spend on this character over the past year and could never farm past 2 without it taking forever/dying constantly as cm

Just before RoS was announced, the price of mid tier items dropped dramatically. Low and mid tier items almost cost the same so it's not hard to create this build if you are just looking for two stats.. IAS and CC.

As you can see in the demo video though, 1.24m was sufficient to to MP5 even when 2.31 APS.
posting in hopes of winning giveaway
Question about the rare amulet.

The problem I have is that my wizard's current amulet includes 122 intel and 173 vit; 68 all res, and CHD +63%.

Most rare amulets that have the stats outlined in your shopping list, would drop between 6000-7000 points of her total health, and 6500-8000 points of her total damage (both at the same time). Or increase one stat a little, and decrease the other, i.e., add 400 health, drop 7500 dps, or vice versa.

I take it I just have to bite the bullet on this?

For info, I always play solo, so I'm wondering if that changes the requirements some, or not all.

Vit appears on any item. You can drop the Vit on your amulet and pick it up elsewhere. You really need to reach those breakpoints to really be functional. You can have all the Vit in the world but you will still die because your build isn't working as intended.
Updated and organised opening post and set a date for the give away.

2.31APS give away deadline is this coming Tuesday Maintenance (or Monday depending on where you live). If you have not posted before the maintenance begins, I will not consider you in the give away.
Trying to get back into the game after a long break. Would like a shot at the giveaway. Thanks for doing this.
Thanks for the giveaway, just got back into D3 and loving my wizard
Hi, I just got back into D3 as well. Hope to be able to win something from the giveaway to get started.
okay people - something big is just around the corner ;) very soon now there will be another set to give away!

This one is a little different, it's cm/ww.... but it's a meteor hybrid woooo.

A few teasers to get you thinking - 4 peice tal set, sloraks, lacuni focused :) 2.31aps 20apoc with meteor reduction! - so far testing has shown mp7 viability and efficient kill times.

I still have a few things running on bid so the build could get even more awesome.

I am however sad to report that i failed in making it ultra budget (1.5mil) as this set tips the scales at a little over 2.5mill in total sorry folks, i just couldn't find anything i was happy with for any less. So MrDuMa If your happy to allow this slightly more expensive build into your budget thread i will be looking at giving it away in the next couple days.

Stay posted folks.
09/04/2013 11:10 AMPosted by MrDuMa
Vit appears on any item. You can drop the Vit on your amulet and pick it up elsewhere. You really need to reach those breakpoints to really be functional. You can have all the Vit in the world but you will still die because your build isn't working as intended.

Thanks, was afraid you're going to say that lol.

Just got the wand last night, and the two Natalya pieces this afternoon. Only lacking an amulet and I'll be on the way.

I've learned more about the AH than I thought I ever would. Sending in a bid with 2 seconds left is actually a thrill, wondering if it's enough, then waiting to see if you got it or not, how much it's going to cost you, etc. I overbid on some pieces, got tired of sitting there for days on end and not getting the winning bid, but that's cool because I also got some cheap pieces, so it balances out in the end.

I must say I've learned a lot from everyone that posted in this thread. I'm currently running a frost/ice build (with the equipment for the CM/WW build), and the increased IAS alone - that I never really realized what it did - is awesome. I can almost make it in MP1 (MP0 is cake), but still die too often. I'm thinking of trying to adapt some skills to make frost/ice viable - at least to MP4/5 and then maybe able to pick up better gear there.

Thanks again all for the guidance.

Take Care,


Note: I have some 10 various items with Intel I like to donate. I normally play between 12 noon and 4 pm east coast time. Wizard's name is Allika.
Wouldn't mind winning a set for my wizard!
need the set, just comeback from a few months retire...hahahaha
Just a reminder that the deadline is tomorrow night when maintenance hits and I get booted off US realms. I'll go back through the thread and collate a list of everyone who's entered then run my own RNG to choose a winner.

If Amos' set is ready in time, it'll be for give away next week. Thanks heaps, mate.
Yeah mate set is ready, but i'll always be on the look out for upgrades to it till the time comes, hopefully snag that ar armor tal belt i want for it.
This is a great thing to help people out and to help them get a character going that can step into higher MP levels giving them a much better chance to find something good themselves. The higher MP level also increases the amount of gold you can find. You never know when something decent will drop for another class that you can sell to improve a character further, especially working in the lower priced gear range.

If a person can watch certain things on bid, there are some insane deals that can be found. I got an Occy source for 25k that wasn't half bad and a bifecta ring with armor, AR, int/Vit for 300k that would work quite nicely in a build like this. I will see what I can put together with some stuff in my stash I have kept that was to decent to vendor but something I haven't been able to work in to sell. I still post up stuff like that for cheap all the time in hopes somebody starting out might be able to get it. I also have some killer things for a follower if there is anybody that likes to play alone sometimes that I could include in a set.
If i don't win the gear would someone be able to help me with a list so I can slowly purchase it?


Have a look in the op Justin, it details the kind of stats and items you want to be searching. There will be many sets going so don't worry if you miss out this week there will always be next week ;)
I just spent all my gold on the items listed but I couldn't find the items for what he found them for heh.. an example Natalya's ring for 750k is the cheapest i found for buy it now.. ah well.. almost there - and for the amulet i just got the set item to the pants(blackthorn) and it gave me +100 vit..

the build is amazing though.. so much fun even though i don't have everything yet and i can always improve it!

Very good guide thanks guys
Yeah the trouble is that the market has fluctuated increadibly ove rthe last while (i dunno since patch right?) gold has gone up and down rmah has been hot and cold and the gah is startign to get more expensive due to dollar price.

I have found nat set to not be viable any more in the current times due to the increase in nat rings but if you have a bit more gold (say the 5mill range) the guide still works - deals are jsut not as easy to come by anymore as most people have finished liquidating stock and the market is beggining to rise again.

playing the ah can be annoying with the way our market moves :(

You have essentially got the build right for the price - if you can't get a nat ring i suggest using ice climbers for your boots. Unfortunatelly the SNS spec can be very expensive, the set you built is essentially the first steps and low mp efficent version of multi billion steroids version ;) you did well.
Thanks, I just found a Nat ring for 500k so i grabbed it and now i have the basics and its fun, looking forward to upgrading when I can!

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