Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

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Thanks for the response and the link. As I am just getting back into the game, my budget is just what I can find. I will try doing some gold runs.
You can run Archon and avoid any RD packs... that should be faster than trying to run your current build since there is not a great reliance on AP regeneration. Should speed your killing times up a lot.
MrDuMa and Amos ima jump on later tonight throw out some btag requests and hopefully can kill some stuffs and spend some golds!
Sorry, Krestel... got home around 1am last night... my battle tag is MrDuMa#1541.

Add me whenever and we'll power you through.
Just woke up and ran the Murderma RNG for my give away set and the winner is...


Please add me in game to pick up your set. It'll be available for the next week. If you don't respond by next Saturday, I'll put it back up for give away.

Thanks for everyone who entered. Don't feel discouraged if you didn't win.. Amos and GoSuPanda have their sets for give away coming up!
Congrats Deleuzian
Grats Deleuzian,

Its no big MrDuMa I was up chipping away 2 levels till about 2-3am my time.
Shift workers amiright?!
Thanks guys!

Good thing I decided to check this thread before Grand Finals.

Sent you a friend request MrDuMa. Hopefully the set comes with some wisdom too. =P
I just got home for a bit and checked D3... I don't see a friend request...


I've sent through another friend request again, do let me know if you've received it.

Congrats Deleuzian!
Just wanna say thanks again to Amos Ridpath and a laggy GoSuPanda for smashing me thru 6 levels and helping me with some starter gear!
Had a awesome time smashing act I on my wiz on inferno
Hey MrDuMa, I think i'm going to withdraw my name from the weekly give aways. It looks like others will get more out of it than I will at this point. Thanks for including me though and good luck to the others in the drawings!
Thanks guys!

MrDuMa, I've been trying to contact you while you're on but it always says you're 'Busy'. I wonder when would be a good time to get in touch?
Please gear-check me. Can you also add me to the drawings?
Here is the link to my profile:
Your marquise gem is worth more than my last give away set x50 at least... don't know why you need a give away set... if anything, just follow my gearing guide and you'll be set!

As for your current gear, you are at 2.722APS... the break point is 2.73 so you are extremely close, but not quite at the break point. The easiest place to make it up is your amulet. It only has 5IAS.. a single point more and you'll be fine, but I recommend getting at least 8IAS.

Your CC is a little low, but you should still be able to function with 47.5CC. I recommend getting a Storm Crow with CC on it. You will lose the AR and life%, but you can at least make up the HP by getting a Chanto's Force with an Int/Vit roll and drop the APoC (Storm Crow will have APoC and LoH, which you are also lacking).

Your AR is also a bit low so that could be another roll you look for on your amulet. So, you want a minimum of 8IAS, 8CC and 50~60AR... other desirable stats are Int, LoH, armor, Vit, CD, average damage (in that order). As a CM/WW wizard, CD should always be the last thing you look for on gear.
Hey MrDuMa, first I want to thank you for the great guide, I stopped playing d3 with my CM/WW wizard more than one year ago (wizardspike style!) and your guide helped me a lot to gear my wizard in this "new" diablo 3.

I spent like 50M on the AH on gear, here's my actual items/stats:


I can farm MP6 with ease or MP7 if I want a little challenge (elites takes a lot longer and can kill me if I am not paying attention).

I have another 50M to pump up my wiz but after some AH searching I really can't find anything worth of upgrading in my current budget. Can you give me some advise on what item should I upgrade?

There are a couple upgrades that you should be able to make within your budget.

Looking for AR on Nat's ring is quite expensive but you can get AR almost any where else so I recommend a CC Nat's ring since CC is limited to some slots, not all. Get this bids rather than buyouts. Currently the cheapest 3CC is about 10m... search for time ending soonest then bid ones under 10m. Look for Int and CC.

Next, your BT pants... aim for at least 70AR with double Vit, armor or double socket. Vit for more EHP, armor because more is always good (Str/Vit can serve as armor/Vit as well) and double socket for even more damage. There are 70AR/150Vit+ at the moment for 5m or so... go more protection here since you will lose a bit with Nat's ring.

You're at the point where you can start chasing CD so look into upgrading your gloves, rings and amulet. This is where things get expensive though and you may need to make compromises here and there. The other option is to keep saving and invest into higher end gear. Making side grades will take a lot longer to reach the higher tier wizards.

All in all though, your gear set is pretty strong mitigation wise all whilst hitting the 2.73APS break point and having over 50CC... very nice!
Thanks a lot for the tips MrDuMa =)

I spent quite some time figuring out the gear that I would have to get to maintain CC above 50 and 2.73 APS with at least 700 all resist unbuffed and 30k life. As you can see, I am using Storm Armor (Shocking Aspect) to improve my damage, if I switch to Energy Armor my Armor goes up to 5k and All resists to nearly 1000.

In the end, I think it is a pretty solid build for a 50M budget. What makes me sad is the fact that I will have to spent all my gold (~50M) to make a noticeable upgrade on a single piece of gear, so I kinda hit a wall here.

I was expecting to be able to do at least MP8 with ease (without skipping elites) with a 100M budget =/

Well, I guess I will farm some essences in MP6 and try my luck crafting ;)
You probably could make a few noticeable changes with 50m gold, but moving up MP levels means improving your EHP first. Your toon is pretty solid.. I see a lot of wizards running around MP10 with similar or worse stats getting blown up by white trash mobs because their build isn't even functional.

The way I see it, you're already better off since you understand the build. And yeah... you will hit a couple more walls lol... I'm at the "every upgrade is at least 1b" wall.

Crafting can be excruciating but very rewarding. Farm up those DE and good luck!

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