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So as the topic says I would like to know how to price items / be able to tell if items are good or not. I have been playing the game since it came out and I have always depended on my friends to tell me if an item is good or not and a good price for items. I would like to become self-sufficient and be able to do this on my own. I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance

Tldr: teach me how to tell if an item is good or not and how to price good items so I stop annoying friends..
Make a character for each type and you will learn what stats benefit each type. Good stats are Attack speed increase, +XX attacks per second, Crit hit damage, Crit hit chance, High strength/intelligence/Dexterity, average damage, sockets are always a plus, life on hit/life steal(% of damage delt converted to life) and all resistance is also necessary for higher MP's so people will pay a lot for items with those combos. "Black weapons"(weapons that do all physical damage, e.g. does not do fire/poison/ice etc) are worth MUCH more than colored weapons. 600-1300 damage per hit on a black weapon with good stats will usually fetch you 200+mil in the AH. As far as pricing goes in the auction house, just right click the item and do a search for similar and check the average price for items with around the same stats.
You can never know the price of a item on the AH without checking it when you need to. The prices change so constantly the best you can do it get a guideline of the good roll-combos and learn how to search for what makes them good. The best way to do this is through demonstration in-game. I will make myself available this afternoon (I'm on EASTERN TIME US) to give you what you need to know about the AH and why certain items are better then others. I don't charge for this, I don't mind helping the community out ;)

OuchThatHurt#1187 - In friend request put ADVICE so I remember what you need, I run with alot of people and don't want to get you confused with someone else.

P.S.- This offer goes out to anyone with the same issue, it's hard to learn the AH and I don't mind so use it if you think it will help.
im sorry man i just saw this. thank you guys so much

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