Filling the Inn (Friday 9PM EST)

Items and Crafting
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Hello All,

Sign up below for your chance to win a room full of unid legendaries every Friday evening. Winners will be picked by myself that day, based on criteria such as need, build styles, number of characters, or just randomly. The Winner is picked within an hour of the time listed in the Thread Title (Friday 9PM EST). I will post the winner, and also message that person in game.

Last Week's Winner: Nephyte

Screenshot of the loot:

Each week depends solely on the luck of several charity runs that me and a few friends do in a full party (typically on Wed and Thurs). Each winner, however, should expect 20 to 30 unid legendaries of various quality. Thus far Skorns, Echoing Furys, Vile Wards, Ice Climbers, All the Crossbows, and various set pieces of Nats/Innas/Tals/IK have been included regularly.

Please sign up if you are interested, and don't forget to tell your friends. Remember, the winner must be online Friday evening within reason around 9pm CST to receive the loot.

Past Donators:


Good Luck!
Saw the thread yesterday about an hour too late, definitely signing up this time.
PS: If anyone wishes to contribute or participate in the generation of these items, feel free to add me in game and provide details in the friend request.
08/12/2013 03:59 PMPosted by Torin
Saw the thread yesterday about an hour too late, definitely signing up this time.

Thanks for coming back! I encourage anyone who has signed up before to let me know just like this. It might just help later down the road.
Would definitely appreciate any help in any kind... signing up :)
Got a redirect, I will post it under "items" next time
Sign me up!
We have began by gathering several items so far tonight, which will be saved and added to the pile.
Sign me up!
Pretty sure I saw an unid skorn floating around
id like to sign up
I'd like to sign up as well. Count me in!
Looks like Thursday evening around 8pm CST will be the time
Charity Mule is halfway full with stuff, to include 13 legendaries so far
Bump. Cummon folks, free loot!
Just added some vile wards and a stormshield
I shall try, maybe some early bday luck :p
Updated the time to 9pm Friday Night Central Standard Time. I will select the winner sometime within about an hour of then, and post it here in the forums. Stay tuned, so you do not miss out if you are picked (I will move to the next person at 9pm if you are not online). I will be providing a full inventory worth of unid legendaries, and unid rings/ammys. I have already hinted at some of the items that will be included in above posts.

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