Filling the Inn (Friday 9PM EST)

Items and Crafting
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SIGN ME UP! Thanks for doing this !
Great thing you're doing here! Sign me up :)
Sign me up PLEASE!!!!!!
i would like to sign up as well. This friday at 9 EST?
Sign me up TrollBoii69#1563
Sign me up please!
Is this going on today? I would like some free loot! sign a brova up.
Sorry if it sounds dumb, but how do we get picked? And whom do we respond to?
Isn't it time to draw yet?
Hang 9pm EST Friday past yet?
I guess the trail went cold. LOL
Hope all is good.
Sign me up!
i would love some free stuff, that is very kind of you. man if i had the chance, id come with you, or starts a group with friends and donate to you. gls everyone =p
sign me up please
Signing up.
Sign me up.
When I saw the picture of the Inn, all I could think of was the templar yelling, "glorious!"

Very nice of you to throw such a contest. *I'm not looking to be included. Just wanted to yell,

If this is still going on I'd love a chance to win, please. :)
sign me up
Sign me up for this pls!! awesome event!!

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