[Dark Chronicle] Insomnia

we call that "delusions" here in the real world...
Shakespeare, was a delusional man.
he also didn't put commas into weird non-sensical places...

haha just pulling on ya.

i've only read a handful of his work, and visited his hometown and house and school, and read of the possible controversy - did he really write all those works? or was it actually Marlowe?

i don't know much about the man himself, so i can't judge if he was delusional or not...
You wanna see him? Got two shuffles and a flash light? Muwahahaha..
ha! that reminds me of one of my fave jokes!

what would kurt cobain be doing today if he was alive?

scratching at the lid of his coffin!

hahhaha you can use any dead person's name and the joke works
@CountFury - fellow nightowl with sleep issues myself not diagnosed insomnia at this point but always seem to arise at night. Have a sleep study this weekend to determine if apnea is part to blame...

Recommended books:
Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series is good stuff and long as well. Should keep you occupied for many hours :)
becareful, my friend. You may just be one of us,
I cannot tell you about our nature, but read the article I posted earlier and find answers yourself. And thanks for the suggestion on the Wheel of Time, I'll check it out.

Night 8
I laid in bed still unable to sleep, feeling some kind of mix between awe and paranoia, like something is always there. In the day I went to the beach with a friend, I watched as the ocean tides touched the sands and felt a sense of peace I haven't had for a long time. And then we left and it was back to civilization and its problems.

Night 9
4 more days until school resumes, tonight I finished watching Mists of Avalon, the King Arthur story told in the perspective of the female characters, and the struggle between the Christian way and the ancient way of the Goddess. Sometimes I think we are all just pieces on a chess board, victims of fate and the will of the gods. I am my own master and I can bend others to my will, but ultimately, it's still aligning with the higher powers, somebody always has to pay.
Man is doomed to die and the clock is always ticking.
Why are people afraid of death? It is just the beginning.

Yes, the clock is ticking ever since the dawn of civilization and btw blizzard still suck! Muwahahaha...
Drink some warm milk before bed. Or a bottle of jack...

Did you know Kit-Kat bars also come in dark and white chocolate?

My mind is blown.
white chocolate is a scam! there's no chocolate in it! it's sugared milk solids
Insomnia you say? not my favorite, but still one of their better songs ^^
Night 10
ugh, the fullmoon fades and I am myself again...

I've been reading into Bram Stoker's Dracula, and playing the Castlevania game series.
In one of the games, the dark priest who wanted to resurrect Dracula said,
"The Dark Lord's power comes from the darkness in people's hearts, our
hearts. Why does he continue to return, regardless of defeat?
Because our hearts yearn for His presence."

I find it uncanny the parallel between the christian fanatics who await
the 2nd Coming of Christ, and the dark covens who want to resurrect the Dark Lord.
Some believe that the Dark Lord is the opposite of God,
and like they say, "where there is light, there is also darkness."
What if they are one and the same..? or the shadow of God is a vampire?
They both have the same concept of drinking blood and have eternal life.

Consider this article,

Night 11
I have done much for this community, since the days before Monster Power.
I have been a guiding hand for the monk's journey to find build variety.
I have waged psychological war in this place, been exiled, and achieved redemption.
I have founded and preserved the build you now know as Nirvana, safe and away from the past director's nerfing eyes. Soon my time in this place will come to an end, there's not much left to do but to find an apprentice to replace me. >:D
Tonight I shall write a class suggestion for Blizzard's expansion. Stay tuned, mwuahahahahaha!!

best cure for insomnia is MOAR insomnia imo ^^

Night 12
Hey fellas, something intense just happened to me, and I don't know what to say..
so let me tell you the story.

The past few days I have been working on my new book, a development guide of a class for Blizzard. I wrote relentlessly to create this class which is the combination of a Necromancer and a Druid, a vampire class, The Shadow Slayer.

You can find it here through this link, support the cause if you like my writing. :)

The next day was the first day of school, I decided to go back to school after years of working odd jobs and doing side projects, I aim to get a degree and settle down somewhere in time, upon which I will build my citadel of prosperity.
It's been 3 years since I was last on campus, going back to school brings old memories to life, I saw the field where I used to sit and talk with friends, I saw the benches where I would smoke and look at the scenery, and the grass where I would lay down with a girl I used to like. I promised I would focus this time and not party too hard..

I watched as people walked by in groups, talking to each others, and I felt a sense of dis-belonging, I didn't know anybody here. The sun was scorching and I felt weak and thirsty. I became sad and felt like like a lost sheep.. and then I sat down to look to my wool, and saw that it was fur instead -- I'm a wolf, not a sheep! >:D Somehow I had forgotten.
And then I became ravenous again.. my thirst was getting more intense, so I went to make some new friends. >:) Hours later, my aura of danger was back, and I was already flirting with some chicks. :p

I sat down on a bench to reflect on my path, and as I was lighting a cigarette, I looked across to the area nearby, and saw Her, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She had long red hair, skin pale as snow, and a flower by her ear. She was wearing the same colors I was, just black shirt and blue jeans. She was reading a book under a tree surrounded by plants, and she had on a look of sadness and melancholy.. She looked fragile and weak like the girl from Twilight, but with red hair.

And then the heavens parted, and the goddess of desire descended and she gave me an apple...
I took a bite and instantly became spellbound.. @_@ my head started spinning and my heart of ice became fire again, then I felt I was Cain and the red haired girl was Lilith. And then I saw winter, and I would hold her in my infernal embrace.. under the freezing moon.

As I was drinking in her image, she turned and glanced at me, and then looked down and looked away.. I saw a hint of both innocence and cruelty in her eyes. Her aura was both inviting and despairing..
And then as I was getting to approach her, I saw that she was busy in her book, and realized this is woman at study right now and not woman at play... ;p

So I turned back from the all consuming light, and the Dark Lord in me said to myself,
"calm down, young one, it's too early to be rescuing princesses..."

So I went berserk again and turned into a dragon and flew away...
If it's meant to be, I will meet her again. >;{

your music is whack, Mojo :P

try this.

Anyways, so last night I drew my tarot card and saw a Two of Swords (indecision, good and evil) and an upside-down Queen of Cups (emotional insecurity)...
I knew something like today would happen.

I just did a reading right now with a cross spread, and the cards were
Ace of Cups (water) - Love, Compassion, Creativity
Ace of Wands (Fire) - Inspiration, Power, Creation
Ace of Pentacle (Earth) - Manifestation, Prosperity
Five of Swords (Air) - Conflict, Tension, Betrayal

Three of Cups - Celebration, Community
Seven of Cups - Fantasy, Illusion

The Fool - Beginning, Innocence, Spontaneity
And the upside-down Justice. @_@

I could be heading towards a trap...
But like I said, if it's meant to be, then so be it. :P
the fool sets you free....
^ yeah man, I've accepted The Fool now,
and you gotta accept the other cards. >:)

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