anyone have a rapid fire SOJ for sale?

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Posted by hmk21
...if you are watching the market closely.

ive tried for a while, sifting thru all of them gives me a headache :(

Do you know the best way to search for SOJ?

How do I search for SoJs in the Auction House?
The easiest way is to use these search filters:
Armor Slot: All Armor
Affix 1: Bonus vs Elite = 20-30%
Affix 2: Maximum Discipline = 9-10
**Affix 3: The skill bonus you want **
when using these filters you will only see DH SoJs.

**not all skills are available using this method because, the list is being populated by the skills available on cloaks, the other skills are only available on off hand equipment and can not be included in the search result unfortunately**

i recently figured that out, but rapid fire isnt searchable is it?

will u be interested in this?

how much? all i really want to do is try it out with my manticore...

08/13/2013 09:45 PMPosted by Cameo
Do you know the best way to search for SOJ?

yea, but sifting thru page after page is meh, im at the point to jsut filter by 2b buyouts and go backwards and eat the cost
08/13/2013 09:49 PMPosted by hmk21
i recently figured that out, but rapid fire isnt searchable is it?

Nope! Only skills that you can search on cloaks can be used. Offhand items aren't considered armor and SoJs aren't offhand sooo, certain skills can't be searched. I usually set the minimum BvE I'm willing to pay, search by min BvE or time left, grab a piece of paper and start searching. I'll write down the stats, page and price then make a decision.
08/13/2013 07:47 PMPosted by dawgiestyle
I'm not so sure how useful that RF soj would be....

great for rkelly build xD
added u up. :)
didnt see a request, try again?
Don't waste your gold,

The ones we picked up for the contest sets:

5/29/6 run between 10-30m if you are watching the market closely.

The dps you gain from the other 1/1/1 is negligible compared to the gold cost that could be much better spent on other areas of your gear OP.


If you camp them for a few hours, one under-priced one will always come up for cheap at 1d12 if you dont mind a bit of legwork

any item can be found relatively cheap if u know what to filter, and have the patience to camp AH

telling him 5/29/6 running between 10-30 is just absurd when not everyone have the time or patience to camp and monitor

it's not difference from me saying "never buy crit mempo str/9/4.5 for anything above 400m, because u can snipe in the low 300s if u watch the market closely" just because i got mine for 330m?

and i also agree u dont need a 6 elemental/30elite version, the gold it requires is unreasonable, but this applies to all gears doesn it, e.g. 250dex nat boots vs. 250dex 30 vit nats boots


How is telling him average prices not helpful?

I bought and sold over 20 SoJs when I was gearing the two DHes two weeks ago. That is a pretty average price. However they are listed all over the place because noobs cant figure out how to price them. That is the price that they SELL at, not what they are listed at. No one is buying that crap for 100m.

Either way - trend that I noticed:

6/30/7 = 500m on a good day
5/30/7 or 6/30/6 = around 200/250m
5/30/6 = 150m
6/29/7 = 150m
6/28/7 = 100m

From there prices start to fall considerably. However, after that they can basically be bad for pennies on the dollar.

For example, any date you can snipe 5/28/5 for under 2m. Your choice if the cost is worth it to you at that point
08/13/2013 10:16 PMPosted by BeerLeague
For example, any date you can snipe 5/28/5 for under 2m. Your choice if the cost is worth it to you at that point

help me, ill pay finders fee xD
retried. still couldn't get it?
hey sorry,
may be on later tonight. likely tomorrow tho and well talk :)
np. cya later I guess. :)
If you are still looking for a Stone of Jordan, just post in the following thread what you are looking for:

Here are the rings in my list that meet the requirements you stated in the first post:

6% Cold / 30% / 7 Rapid Fire crit chance --- KaizerAkira#6290 OB 3b BIN 5b
6% Fire / 30% / 5 Rapid Fire crit chance --- Desolation#1264 --- Make offer
6% Poison / 30% / 7 Rapid Fire crit chance --- XxGodxX#3785 --- OB 2 billion
I have two SOJ laying around which I don't use nor do I know their value since I personally do not use rapid fire, but stats wise they look pretty decent to me. If anyone else is interested, you're welcome to contact me as well.

first one
5% fire
+9 discipline
26% elite
7% rapid

second one
5% poison
+9 discipline
27% elite
6% rapid
found the one im wearing on AH at noon for 1m
Grats bro! And for 1 mil!
yea not too shabby to toy with for now. :D

too bad its so silly looking >.<

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