new to demon hunters, any suggestions?

Demon Hunter
don't use the AH

use vengeance + pickup yard

thanks! i ll go with that
when you get to level 60 it is no longer crafting as you will be finding item that are better than you can craft until you get enough boa reagent to craft items again.
Looks like you are headed in the right direction. When you feel it's needed or when they are available, I would make the following changes:

1. Switch to Bat Companion.
2. Try Rapid Fire (RF) - Fire Support when it becomes available. It's more effective than Web Shot. I used Web Shot for a loooong time and wish I had switched earlier.
3. Try Bola Shot - Thunder Ball (especially effective in act 2 for those spinning things)
4. Switch out Grenades for Vault - Tumble (or Trail of Cinders)
5. Switch out Cluster Arrow for Shadow Power - Gloom
6. Switch out Steady Aim for Vengeance.
7. Add Night Stalker when you get over 40% Crit. Chance, until then see ideas in #8.
8. Switch out Cull the Weak for Perfectionist (or Archery if you have enough defense and want more offense) You may be able to keep Cull the Weak instead of Archery, if you stick with RF - Web Shot. However, I think you will see the need for Perfectionist when you get to Act 2 Inferno.

Inferno, especially at high MPs, get's extremely tough for DHs. We are quite fragile and you will need to focus more on defense and less on offense, otherwise you will die ALOT.

Come back when you get to level 60 for some gearing advice.

PS - I wouldn't craft anything until I got to level 60 and had the recipes for Dex Shoulders, Dex Bracers, Dex Gloves and Dex Amulet. Save your gold, you will need it later.
red gem in weapon
get to level 60 and come back and i'll tell ya some cheap items to get
thanks everyone, this is good advice, demon hunters are bad !@#

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