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Demon Hunter
Hi everyone, care to help a fellow DH out?

Sitting at 356k DPS unbuffed currently, I'm aiming to reach 400k DPS unbuffed without sacrificing EHP. What upgrades should I get to attain this target by spending the least amount of gold?

Keeping to a budget as tight as possible is important because I have never bought items from the RMAH and I don't intend to buy gold.

I would like to keep my current build and retain the bola bonus from quiver. Also I don't consider rare rings superior to my unity unless it gives a >7k DPS boost since I will lose the bonus to elites.

Edit: Would be great if you could list some suggestions, along with an approximate price tag to the items!
(Yes I know I should upgrade my gems, I'm waiting for prices to go back down.)
If you are not a noob then I don't see the meaning of this post.

to get 400k buffed you just need to remove Perfectionist and use Steady Aim. Right?

If you are not consider showing off a better profile then I will get a Nata cloak with +10 spike trap and a 5-6cc Nata Helm if you can't afford a 5-6cc mempo
So you're saying either I'm a noob, or I just posted something meaningless? How is it that you make such a statement without even understanding my question?
I'm asking for 400k unbuffed. I guess making the text bold wasn't obvious enough.

What do you mean show off a better profile?
One last thing: I'm comfortable with 30 disc so no need to get 4pc Nats. 5cc mempo will bump me up another 15k or so DPS and costs around 1.5B. Is it the most cost-effective upgrade for me? Also i will still be 29k DPS short of my target.

Obviously I know what I CAN upgrade. I'm asking the community for their suggestions on what upgrades will let me reach my target with the least cost.
20/10 DML with 300 dex
CC Mempo
Unity sucks on DH

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