Any other Dual Fisted monks out there?

lol. guess I'll just have to brawl you and we'll see ^^
Hi, nice to meet all the dual fists Monk here.
I'm from Singapore and I also playing dual fists Monk.

If you wish to see my gears please add me with description as I always left my Monk gears in stash.

Below is my Monk's stat unbuff & w/o follower:
54k HP
5k Armour
2.45 APS
303k DPS
55% CC
600% CD
600 AR
11% Melee Damage Reduction
4.6% LS

Hopefully, I may see you guys online. Cheers~!
wynn, get on ur gears and show it!
so ppl can learn how u gear them..
I've been using duel fists for a while now and I just like the look of having duel heaven hands. I have quite a few other fists other then the ones equipped since I seem to like collecting them. Shoot me an add if you want to see them in game.
Dual fists Monk is fun!
*Fist Bump*

Glad to see that most the monks on this thread are still rocking dual fists and have made some great upgrades on them too!

Where are all the new monks with dual fists at?
Dual fist user here !
My monk is about 160K DPS using a 110% crit-gemmed Fist of As'turrasq /w 4.7% chance to stun on hit and base 1,207 DPs (so not amazing but decent) and a 2.8% LS Crystal Fist /w 110% crit gem again @ 976.0 DPS.

That being said, I really should replace the CF LS with a higher dps equal atk speed weapon that has equal Ls + gem slot, but no luck so far finding such a weapon for a reasonable price and certainty not via drops.

But even with those two weapons, one decent and one less than decent, I'm still finding myself pretty much invincible using FoT(teleport)/ EF with SW/Cyclone, Bell, Overawe as procs with my other ability being either FAIL or Breath of Heaven on MP10 ubers. I'm sufficiently stacked for loh via amulet/ring that I'm sitting at 900 LoH? and can attack mobs with DR, poision, molten, concencration on mp10 and basically stand in stuff without dieing. Just by holding down the mouse button. My life still start to drop at a third stack of consecration but slowly. Ideally, at that point, I just shift one step to the right and continue to hold down the mouse button.

So, yes I'm using dual handed fists and its working wonderfully. That being said, I do wish Ic ould kill a bit faster at times...but palming 2 targets up.... and then conviction aura/belling once or twice generally annihilates a pack....that's been already brought down a lot by sweeping wind cyclone.
Picked up a nice rare fist to go with my WKL. :D

So my alt setup is dual fisted as well. Thanks BM for the sale.

doesn't count unless you show us a photo, carl.
10/27/2013 09:31 PMPosted by RelytReborn
doesn't count unless you show us a photo, carl.

Haha I'll equip them on IronMonkey tomorrow :D


EDIT: Dual Fist set up on IronMonkey is ready to go
sounds good.
Fists's = dual fists
Picked up a nice rare fist to go with my WKL. :D

So my alt setup is dual fisted as well. Thanks BM for the sale.


Your welcome and I have recently joined the dual fist club also the LOH club. I do have a nice dagger that I pair with my Wkl but I am looking into a sword to pair with it for the extra dps. Still all LOH weapons.
Dual fist for the win.

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