Best XP FARMING build help?

Demon Hunter
Does anyone know the best guild, build and gear for the best XP farming for DH? PLease does anyone know any good LATEST videos?

really apprecaited.

Exp rates assuming 0 NV stacks on mp10

For very low mp farming, straft works

For high mp farming, you wanna use RF, bola/EB, or w/e.

Looking at ur profile, you have terrible eHP. Consider getting some 150+ vit inna's temperence or something.

As for the 'best' build, it doesn't exist? :|
What gear do I need for strafe? Can you link me to someone profile for strafe build?
prob farming act 1 mp3-5. Thank you.!bXe!cZZccb

some random build I slapped on together. Nat's embrace with crit chance to strafe + 1.67 breakpoint is ideal (38 ias on gear required)
There is no best build for DH class...
It is all about the players' SKILL.

take it from Nyan

but, im a bit sad because I cannot find Nyan in my friendlist.

I don't think I added you? XD
Before Monster Density, low MP runs of Act 3 was the ticket to quick XP.

Nowadays, I have no idea, although from my subjective experience, farming Act 1 MP 10 was the fastest for me.

I ran a variety of builds in doing so, eventually ending up with an all Cold attack build (based off of a Cold SoJ) called the Stone Cold Hunter.
People farm act 1 for exp when actually it ia act 2 that has the best exp rates.
08/20/2013 05:10 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
People farm act 1 for exp when actually it ia act 2 that has the best exp rates.

You know, there was a huge argument in the General Forum about this. I was a proponent of Act 2, and got slammed by a ton of people saying that Act 1 was the way to go.

However, I know that when I was goofing off with my WWRend Barb, I would literally watch my XP meter move during the massive battles I'd get into while farming Dag Oasis.
Hi Nyan! Can you help me upgrade?
Here is your hug! (>^^)>

08/20/2013 03:55 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
I don't think I added you? XD

You added me Nyan ^^ ...
if i remember, that was on 10th August...
You told me that i have the most weird gearing on my Plvl 100 DH(female) which is true indeed. hehehe. Anyway im Plvling New DH(male) that is why she dress like that.

We did a few runs, and i am just observing only how u play on ur DH. which is very effecting. then the next day, you are not in my friendlist. :(

anyway here is another one for doing good deeds to others.


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