Looking for some insight on a CA build.

Demon Hunter
So interesting thing happened to me on the AH earlier. As I was scouring I happened to come across a few dmls, put some bids in...yadayadayada. Well the bola dml i was bidding on came down to the last minute, I was outbid and rushed to throw another bid into it. Unfortunatley for me, I accidently threw my bid on the wrong DML. So now I've overpaid for a Cluster Arrow DML, which actually isnt all that bad but its still a CA dml, so I figure what the heck.. may as well try and make it work. Issues arising are obviously the fact that its hatred cost is rediculous. So to combat, I'm running grenadier as well as grenades tinkerer. So I'm getting 8 hatred per nade toss, meaning i can shoot CA for free roughly every 3 grenades (with bat). Since I needed room for other active skills I had to drop prep, which forces me to run nightstalker. I picked up a radiant star ruby for my calamity for the added damage. And I plan on picking up a grenades cloak with disc on it but it will likely drop my health a bit.

This is an alternative build/gear set so I do not intend to spend a whole lot of gold on it. Current build is in my profile. I'm thinking skill wise right now I can drop mfd in favor of rapid fire for elites. Anybody have any input? (Other than the skill sucks... because yes... I know it does. Just trying to make the best of the situation.)
Imo to be used effectively, u need prep -> punishment and night stalker, leaving only 1 passive for dps dps
CA is actually not a bad skill, and can be used to great (but not the best) effectiveness in any MP.
-You can do low MP (up to ~3, depending your raw dmg) speedruns. Grab a little PUR on gear, and run TA/Vengeance/Grenadier using LfB. You should be able to one shot whites and 3-4 shot elites (with dml+soj+grenadier, that's 30 hatred, at 125 max hatred, you get 4 shots). I've ran this spec and could almost keep up with some good L4N Strafers.
-For mid-high MPs, you can run Dazzling Arrow and Cluster Bombs - this is actually a VERY devastating combo, especially if used in an "inside" level. You'd be surprised at the DPS you can output.
And lastly, if you have a good CM (and hopefully a BJ monk) in the group, you can run CB. A high APS, 30 hatred Clusterbomber can dish out tremendous amount of damage to stationary targets. Not enough to keep up with a good RF though.

If used intelligently, CA is a strong skill. It will never be better than the cookie cutter builds, but it's very fun to play. I still have my old DML/SOJ CA set. Play with it - maybe youll find a build that you like.
If you need to borrow a Cold CA SoJ, lemme know.
^iirc CA doesn't proc CtW, so you don't need a cold one (actually, I take that back).
08/16/2013 12:28 PMPosted by Ragnar
^iirc CA doesn't proc CtW, so you don't need a cold one (actually, I take that back).

You are right, it doesn't. Its primary attribute is simply the -5 CA reduction. The Cold just helps if he uses something like HA to set up a target before delivering the pain with CA.

Hi Khan

I will link what SwSw said on the other thread

08/15/2013 11:02 PMPosted by SwSw
I ran that build before. 50 disc + punishment + NS + Grenadier + -10 CA = 16 cluster arrows spam.

now SwSw run with a Manticore and aps is at 2.01 I believe. A build like this really fun

But there is one problem with the attack, it has a small aoe. Here is what I have for mp10

If you aps is 3.01 or more you will be able to get 1 CA per second without any other source of Hatred reduction.

Your can go with this if you are stacking reduction near -10.

Caltrops are for crowd control, you will need to play around with each rune to get the best you think. Scatter for the aoe that you are missing with CA.
08/16/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Tropicalypso
^iirc CA doesn't proc CtW, so you don't need a cold one (actually, I take that back).

You are right, it doesn't. Its primary attribute is simply the -5 CA reduction. The Cold just helps if he uses something like HA to set up a target before delivering the pain with CA.


Maelstrom damage is white, so it can get the cold proc. I haven't play with it for a while so I don't know if it is changed to physical or not.
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087789170#4 is the CA style I ran for some time
Hey OP,

I'll share with you my spec if you're interested.

Chest ST

ST: Scatter

CA wasn't my main damage dealer. It was HA. You get some sort of control and the AOE is decent enough. I've always felt that you're as strong as your weakest skill so I placed a huge emphasis on HA's damage. I tried to make it hit as hard as possible.

Purpose of CA and ST was to be alternated depending on the elites you are up against. ST trumps CA when it comes to most white trash but I tend to farm at fields of slaughter back then so CA is useful when those flying birds appears. ST works when those hulks (whatever it is called) appears.

Anyway problem with this spec is:

1. Hatred management
2. Very expensive to gear (you need speed and power)
3. Optimal MP was 8 at 400k unbuff DPS. 9 is fine but 10 you can feel the drag.
Thanks for the information guys. Rag, SwSw, Dino, Nyan and Kirus, thanks for the write up, I will be off for the next day or so...So I wont be able to test anything out until I am back. Trop, If I can find myself able to slot CtW I will take you up on the ring to try it out.
Check out my DH if you want a fun cluster bomb build. Good for up to MP7 - 8. Depends on how good your aim is and on disc management. Sucks against the bugs in act 2 though.

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