Decent build for Mp5+?

Demon Hunter
With my current gear:

What would be the best build in the latest patch for farming XP/loot in MP5-10?

I tried out a Rapid fire build, but i don't have a manticore and my hatred regen is pretty trash...
I would say your build is not very good. Looks more or less like a tanking build, so you are missing out on movement speed and attack speed with a build like that.

Your critical hit chance is at the edge of being "useless" without archery, I would suggest getting more cc so you can get better damage with each hit.

One fast way to increase your dps is by getting a high dex Nata cloak and high dex inna belt. These will put you at 3pc and 2pc bonus, adding a bit more damage than what you have.

try with this build!Ybe!cbaYZc
+14-22 pickup yards
+10 discipline from cloak (if you can)
shoot bola on 1-mob until your distance is closing up and switch to RF for heavy damage. bola will all go off when the mob is dead. Use Scatter on elites or take it out for Sentry or Rain of Vengeance.

With your dps you should stay at mp5.

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