Adult PS3 and XBOX360 GAMER TAG list.

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Xbox 360 GT: MadManBlazing

played it a while on the pc. think i'll be rolling with a witch doctor this time around. cant wait!
Played abit on the PC with WW barb, though I'm still learning other classes.

GT Freaky Pills on xbox. Have a mic and will be on constantly once 9/3 hits.
PSN: DrgnFlyDrft here, let's get after it!
Can't wait to hop into this ad me on 360

gamertag 360: KernolCrunch
XBOX **Hellfire Ring**
GT. GiveMeeFace
I have spent 800+ hrs on PC. And my favorite thing to do was farm Ubers. I made hundreds of Rings on SC and Dozens on HC. I will be switching all my efforts to Xbox. Add me up and let's start farming those Keys! I'm 25
Hey guys! Can't wait to finally play this on console n with a mic!

Ps3 - X-_GRLMR3AP3R_-X
Xbox GT: Irvingskyman
Not quite sure what class either a barb or a wizard. I will be playing quite a bit since I do have a bet with a friend that I will be 60 by the end of the first week which I think should be easy. So add me I play mostly during the day.
PSN VincentN-88

Monk & I play with my Bro PSN:DestinyKil he's a barbarian. Need a wizard or witch Doctor to join our party or anyone who's a Faithful Player. Put D3 in message.
Xbox 360
Gamer Tag= JESSE802
lvl 60 Demon hunter paragon 25
well geared all legit
looking for legit players to play inferno master 5 !!!!
Xbox 360 ~ The Praxius
20 but really cant stand squeakers just looking for some chill people to play with.
GT: ReeferReference
PSN: Venoms311
Xbox GT:xxDeathsDesignx
360 GT: BiochemNerd
360 GT: Cuddlycute West Coast

60 Monk & WD, 45 DH, 30 Wiz

Try to play as often as I can
Psn: Jazzitdown

Master V legit Monk
XBL Garden of Eden I prefer playing infernal master V though only legit players

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